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Happy Friday, readers! What are you up to this weekend? I’m looking forward to pizza night, a Costco run, and dinner with friends.

My favorite finds from around the web:

11 literary holidays you need to add to your calendar if you’re a book lover.

Want to be an artist? Watch Groundhog Day. “These are the people I think we should be looking to for inspiration —
the people who every day of their lives, they get up do the work, regardless of success or failure.”

Garbage collectors open a library with discarded books.

10 things you should throw away before 2018. I’m two months late, but kissed that cardboard goodbye anyway.

Favorite instagram:

I shared this Little Free Library find on the What Should I Read Next instagram account and WOW, the comments! You all love this book. (Well, mostly.)

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A new podcast:

I’m on Ian Morgan Cron’s Typology podcast this week talking all about being an Enneagram 9. Listen to the episode (it’s #32) wherever you get your podcast or right here on the Typology site.

More info: Ian’s podcast was inspired by his excellent Enneagram book, The Road Back to You. We discuss my book Reading People: How Seeing the World Through the Lens of Personality Changes Everything. And yes, a massive vulnerability hangover ensued.

On the blog:

One year ago: Expand your literary horizons with these 10 books in translation.

Two years ago: The small sips that are saving my life.

Three years ago: Back to the beginning.

Four years ago: The bits and chunks of joy list.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Tracie Haddock says:

    Massive vulnerability hangover! Oh my goodness, thank you for giving me a name to how I felt after recording on Tuesday. I kept replaying every dumb thing I said and worrying that I blathered on too much and everyone will think I sound ridiculous. Please tell me this feeling goes away!

      • Tracie Haddock says:

        Oh, thank you, I feel better already. : ) Off to read Middlemarch–I need to finish it ASAP because one of your recommended books just arrived on my doorstep (I think its Abigail Adams!)

        • elizabeth says:

          Hi Tracie!

          I was this week’s guest on the podcast, and I had the EXACT fears you did. I thought, “how stupid did I sound when I was talking about ghost stories, and Shakespeare, and I know she must have asked me about my reading life, but I misheard her and answered about my current life situation- what????” Let me reassure you that whoever does the editing is amazing. I was encouraged listening to this week’s episode that Anne and I both sounded just fine. You’re in good hands!!


  2. Tracie Haddock says:

    PS One of my biggest regrets in our recording session Tuesday was that I forgot to mention in the “what are you reading” now portion that I just finished your book, Reading People, and I loved it! It totally demystified Myers-Briggs and Enneagram for me, and there were several of your thoughts that completely resonated with me as well. So thank you for that!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your conversation on the Typology podcast. I listened to it on a walk around town, then came home and told Dave that he needs to listen to it immediately. That is a sign of a good listen. (BTW, he is also now a devoted What Should I Read Next listener. YAY!)

  4. Susan says:

    Oh my, I just finally identified myself as a 9 in the past few months and I loved the podcast you did on Typology! I’m also an over-user of metaphors. My insight on “sloth” was that I would make myself busy to avoid doing the things that I didn’t want to do.

  5. Beverly J Marmas says:

    So thankful you added the link for podcast with Ian Cron. Enjoyed it & also look forward to your blogs. Have a great weekend.

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