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I hope you’re facing a long, long weekend…

My favorite finds from around the web:

My year of making time to read (plus a most memorable books list). Good strategies (and good reads!) for anyone who wants to read more in the year to come.

The secret life of “um.” “A full second is about the limit of our tolerance for silence. Then we will either assume the other person’s not going to respond at all, and we just keep speaking, or we might pursue a response.”

My year of no shopping. By Ann Patchett! “The trick of no shopping isn’t just that you don’t buy things. You don’t shop. That means no trawling the sale section of the J. Crew website in idle moments.”

5 old school holiday classic films to stream now.

Favorite instagram: I snapped this just before I put all the book jackets back on. After shot coming soon. Follow me on instagram @annebogel.

On the blog:

Pushing to finish your 2017 Reading Challenge by the New Year? This list may help: 20 life-changing nonfiction books you can read in a day.

One year ago: My favorite books of 2016. I love taking a look back at these lists.

Two years ago: My favorite fiction of 2015, and my favorite nonfiction books of 2015.

Three years ago: The best Christmas scenes in English literature.

Four years ago: The fancy pants term introverts must keep in mind to keep from coming unglued this holiday week.

Five years ago: Two DIYs worth doing.

Six years ago: Want to set New Year’s goals that really matter? Read this first.

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