Let’s see what’s on YOUR bookshelf (a linkup!)

Pottery Barn kids revolving bookcase

checking you out

Earlier this week we had so much fun talking about Other People’s Bookshelves. (Seriously, go read the comments. I’ll wait.)

I heard you, and I agree: we should have a link-up!

Next Wednesday, November 13, come to MMD to share what’s on YOUR bookshelf.   

There are no rules; share your shelves however you’d like:

1. Take a picture (or a dozen).
2. Write up a list of your favorite titles.
3. Describe where you store your books.
4. Anything else you can think of.

Bloggers: consider this a synchroblog. Non-bloggers: link to an instagram photo, or just email me pictures (modern mrs darcy at gmail dot com), tell me a bit about them, and I’ll post them here.

The linky will be open for a week. After it closes I’ll post a round-up sharing what MMD readers’ bookshelves look like.

This is gonna be fun. I can’t wait to see what’s on your bookshelves.

Pottery Barn kids revolving bookcase

Shown above: Funny Anytime Library card from the MeowKapow shop on Etsy and revolving bookcase from Pottery Barn Kids. I’d like one of each, please.

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  1. Nancy B says:

    I’m still a bit new to the blogosphere, so can someone help me with a couple of questions . . .

    First, what is a synchroblog? My Google search wasn’t very helpful.

    Second, how do you create those links in the text? You know, the ones where the text is a different color and when readers click on it, we are taken to another site? When I try to do that, I just get the unattractive URL in hypertext. I want the more seamless prose that we see here in Anne’s blog.

    Thanks for the help! I’m still learning the ropes, and your advice will make my young blog better.

    • Jeannie says:

      Nancy, I see you’re on Blogger and I am too, so I hope it’s OK that I just jump right in here, considering you’re asking exactly what I wanted to know 6 months ago about the links! Say you are starting to write a new post: at the top of the box you’ll see (among other things) the word “Link” with a line under it. Click that, and it will ask you “text to display?” (in other words, what words you want to use for the link) AND “to what URL should this link go?” (in other words, what’s the web address is that you want those words to link to). Just fill in those boxes and click “OK,” and it should work!

      I don’t know what a synchroblog is either … at least not that word.

    • Anne says:

      Nancy, a synchroblog is when different bloggers all write on the same topic at about the same time. Sometimes they’re called “blog carnivals.”

      And I’m so glad Jeannie answered your question. I hope you enjoy wading into the blogging waters. 🙂

  2. Ginger says:

    Yippee!!! This sounds like fun – I can’t wait! Thank you so much for hosting this…nothing pleases this little bookworm like being nosey around someone else’s bookshelves! 😉

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