Just for fun: Kentucky Derby hats galore

Just for fun: Kentucky Derby hats galore

kentucky derby hat

my borrowed Derby hat from the one time I went to the Derby

As a Louisvillian, the question out-of-towners ask me most frequently about the Kentucky Derby is, “Do I have to wear a hat?”

Of course you don’t have to, but why wouldn’t you?

Just for fun, take a peek at some of the beautiful (and outlandish) hats from the 2014 Kentucky Derby:

The best and worst Derby hats of 2014. (I love the black one, and that father-and-son duo could not be any cuter!)

A roundup of Kentucky Derby hats and fashion. Gorgeous—and ridiculous—hats, and those pants!

Have you been to the Derby, and did you—or would you—wear a hat? Tell us what it looks like! 

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  1. Anne says:

    I’ve never been to the Derby, but I would love it. Now, I didn’t realize people made their own hats; so, I would want to have two: a stylish one and a DIY one for an after party or something.

    That black one was awesome. It looks like the one you wore.

    Also, I haven’t seen a picture of Scottie Pippen in years! (Illinois resident/Chicago Bulls)

  2. Jennifer H says:

    I’ve never been to the Derby. I went to Oaks once and the day was way too long and hot for me (we got there 2 hours before the first race!), but I was stuck since I rode with other people. When I worked at Humana years ago, they always sponsored a Day at the Downs for the employees on Thurby before it was “Thurby”. I liked that. Some people wore hats, but I just dressed up, enjoyed a nice lunch on my employer, bet on a few races, and left when I wanted. My husband and I don’t love crowds, so I can’t imagine we’ll ever go to Derby. But I do love watching the coverage and seeing friends and family post pictures on Facebook 🙂

  3. Ginger says:

    The Derby is on my bucket list. Being a native Kentuckian, I’m ashamed I’ve never made it so far, but in my defense, I have spent my fair share of days at Keeneland. In hats, of course.

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