My favorite instagrammers to follow.

My favorite instagrammers to follow.

I love instagram: out of all the social media networks, this one is the most fun for me. (Related: I don’t spend much time on it, and I don’t feel much obligation to post, comment, or share anything.)

Instagram gets a bad rap sometimes, and I get that. Some people are inclined to social comparison, others aren’t. If instagram makes you feel bad, stay off it.

I think one of the reasons I enjoy instagram so much (and don’t battle instagram envy) is that I’m careful who I follow: my feed is heavy on books and nature (and food, because, well, it’s instagram) and light on the fashion bloggers.

Today I’m sharing a handful of my favorite instagram accounts to follow. (You can follow me @annebogel.)

instagram 5ftinf

@5ftinf. I love this one (pronounced “five foot inf”) for its sheer gorgeousness. Philippa Stanton is a British artist, and her account features daily pictures on her workshop table. Flowers and tea are usually involved, and sometimes vintage Penguin classics, and the colors and light are amazing.

instagram alilittle28

@alilittle28. Alison’s account is so serene and lovely. We met at a conference a few years back (my eternal gratitude to twitter, which connected us as roomies) and I love keeping up with her on instagram. Her feed is full of her home life, her kids, her beautiful North Carolina setting, and lots of tea.

instagram bookmusings

@bookmusings. Booklovers, this one’s for you: lots of books, in a fresh way, captured by a former school librarian. This feed is only a month old but the first shot was of Persuasion and every photo since has been consistently delightful.

instagram lucy jane totes

@lucyjanetotes. Kim runs the handmade shop Lucy Jane Totes and her feed is full of swoon-worthy bags, behind the scenes studio shots, and family life. All her bags (totes, clutches, pencil pouches) have a cheerful, fun look, which give her photos a happy vibe.

What are your favorite instagram accounts to follow? 

P.S. My favorite podcasts, and why Pinterest envy is hard for some (but not others).


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  1. Ronica says:

    My favorite Instagram accounts to follow are yours of course, @lucileskitchen (amazing watercolor artist who is currently illustrating a cookbook), @tsh of course, and my two new favorites are @sustainabledish and @realfoodliz (both farm/gardening/paleo.)

  2. Megan says:

    Thank you for sharing these accounts! My feed was starting to feel repetitive, and I needed some fresh, new, non-fashion content to shake things up. I really like that you highlighted some relatively new accounts — it’s so fun to watch someone’s aesthetic develop.

  3. Jess Townes says:

    Thanks! I’ll check these out, especially @bookmusings. I love to see what people are reading on Instagram, and of all the social media platforms, IG is my favorite. I recently started a secondary IG account to review children’s books, as it’s the closest I’m ever going to get to becoming Kathleen Kelly! I’m at @kidlitconcierge if anyone else here is in love with children’s books.

  4. Anne says:

    I like Instagram, too, because I feel hidden away from the masses on Facebook. I don’t follow lots of people I know IRL on Insta. I love the hashtag function. For instance, last night, I was scrolling through teacher’s desks, and I just loved it. I like following @annebogel, @thenester, @tshoxenreider (‘s recent trip around the world with kids was awesome), @jimgaffigan, and @blessedisshe_ . I’m at @ennainspired if you want to see what I check out from the library, lol! 😉

  5. liz n. says:

    Move over, everyone: dinosaur coming through!

    I have email and a Pinterest account.

    That’s it.

    And I like it that way! 😀

  6. Denise says:

    A few of my favorites are humansofny (Humans of New York) justadash_ (easy yummy recipes) hairspirationbykylee (awesome hair tips and tutorials)

  7. Grace Furman says:

    Oh, nice! I’m going to be following @bookmusings now. I love following @radgirlscollective – it’s all incredible nature shots with women out adventuring in the world, @yogabeyond – an amazing acroyoga couple who travel the world, and @blogilates – a pilates trainer and YouTuber for her positivity and motivation.

  8. Raela says:

    This is pretty embarrassing, but in the vein of bookish instagrams, @hotdudesreading is utterly ridiculous but also kind of hilarious!

  9. Sarah says:

    My daughter has been on my case to join instagram (she wants to and then I’ll have to) and I have resisted because then I’ll need to stay on top of it and I just can’t handle all the social media! But, this post gives me hope that I might actually like it.

  10. Patty says:

    I love @benjaminhole, a sheep farmer in Great Britain, who posts beautiful, pastoral photos, and @tshoxenreider.

  11. joanna says:

    I am on again off again with IG. But I agree I like that its quick and not a big time waster. I also agree its all in who you follow. If I feel irritated by anyone, I just unfollow them. I love tsh oxenreider too and any other travel ones. I enjoy following people I don’t know that live in a very different place.

  12. Amanda Sue says:

    I LOVE Instagram. I’m in the middle of hosting my very first IG challenge…I’ve participated in many, but never hosted…and I’m having so much fun, that I’ve already decided to do it again next month, lol.

    I love: (she does needle felting!)

  13. Jill says:

    A not-so-little list of my favorite IG accounts are:
    @nataliecreates (she is darling and upbeat and real about struggles without being dramatic)-
    @chrisburkard (gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous photography of remote locations)-
    your IG (books and life glimpses)-
    @katieisadaisy (I adore her art and good heavens, just look at the little cabin she and her soon-to-be husband live in in the Oregon woods)-
    @fpmmac (she is a calligrapher with a passion for envelope art, I dream of creating and receiving envelopes like hers)-
    @cleanmama (she posts her easy weekly cleaning routines and other helpful housekeeping tips which remind me to have a cleaning focus each day)-
    @cantrellcabin (beautiful photos of her life and garden and family)-
    @faithcounts, @incourage, @dayspring and @deseretbook for their frequent posts with faith promoting quotes and stories-
    and finally all my family and friends. It’s so much easier to start a conversation with my high school and college-aged nieces and nephews in person when we have been interacting on each other’s IG posts. Beginning conversations with teenagers and people in their early 20s tends to be a bit rough. They were rough when I was there and they’re still rough on the other side. IG gives us a shared experience and super easy ice breakers. I enjoy it.

  14. Deborah says:

    I love Instagram, too! Going to go add a couple of your suggestions to my following list!

    Some of my faves are my sister’s blog [email protected],friends, and online friends, with a sprinkling of favorite bloggers and authors!

  15. Angie Six says:

    What a fun little rush to see one of my favorite Instagrammers listed: lucyjanetotes! We met at a conference a few years ago and I completely agree – her photos always make me feel cheerful. Plus she keeps it real, which I love. Another favorite is @themarygraham. I love her photos of her family life, but it’s the stories she tells within those photos that captivate me.

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