All about the fantastic I’d Rather Be Reading preorder bonuses: what they are and how to get yours

Readers, I’m so excited to tell you about the official pre-order bonuses for my book I’d Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life, coming September 4.

(Psst—I’ll be going live at 1pm EDT today, July 23, to tell you more and answer questions. Hope to see you there! Find me on Instagram @annebogel.)

First, the book:

I’m so excited about this essay collection on the reading life, written by a book lover (me), for book lovers (you). These essays are by turn wistful, inspirational, philosophical, and downright funny, and I can’t wait to share them with you. This is the kind of book you want to own, as a book book: fun, relatable, personal, and downright gorgeous. It’s a 5×7 inch, 160-page hardcover, and my publisher and I worked hard to keep the list price at an affordable $14.99. (And yes, that is a watercolor of my very own library on the cover.)

I would love to get this book in your hands, and I would especially love if you would order it now. I’ve preordered books for years, but it’s only in the last twelve months that I’ve come to understand just how much those preorders matter.

Here’s what your preorder means for I’d Rather Be Reading right now: it lets retailers know readers are interested. When readers show interest before release date by preordering, retailers order more copies for release day. The more copies they order, the larger the print run. The larger the print run, the less risk of encountering one of those dreaded OUT OF STOCK situations—especially important for a hardcover, because they take a little longer to print than paperbacks.

The more preorders, the more buzz among readers and booksellers, and the more my book will be stocked in actual, physical bookstores—everywhere from Barnes and Noble to Target to your local indie. As a book and bookstore-lover, I would dearly love the actual, physical book to be available wherever YOU get your books—especially in those independent bookstores that may not know about the book without your preorders. The more copies we have out there, the more we can spread the book love, and place I’d Rather Be Reading in the hands of our fellow devoted readers.

If you plan on buying the book, it would make my day if you took a moment and pre-ordered it this week. That timeline helps enormously with the initial print run, and it gives my team more time to mail your preorder goodies.

About the preorder bonuses

To amp up the book love, we’ve created some fantastic preorder bonuses to say THANK YOU for preordering the book. I’m delighted to send you the following:

1. My brand-new class, 7 Ways to Get More Out of Your Reading Life. 

Readers, I’ve been dreaming up this class for a long time. My work lets me talk to hundreds—if not thousands—of readers about their reading lives. Some have vibrant reading lives; others’ are lackluster. Over the years, I’ve noticed that readers with satisfying reading lives share many traits in common, and in this class, I’m sharing how you can put their strategies to work in your own reading life.

Cultivating a vibrant reading life requires a cluster of skills. Many readers acquire them without even noticing they do so; others never learn, and struggle. The good news: these skills can be taught, and consciously implemented in your own reading life. In this class, I share the secrets of happy readers and how you can make these strategies work for you.

The class is now available almost instantly when you submit your preorder bonus information at

2. The FREE audio version of I’d Rather Be Reading.

This is a book you want for your personal library. But then again, I narrate the audiobook myself, and you’ll enjoy hearing me tell the stories in my own voice—especially Confess Your Literary Sins, Bookworm Problems, and The Books Next Door. Which format to choose?

Spare yourself the decision angst: when you preorder the book, you get the audiobook version for free. You’ll get a code to download your free audiobook when the book releases in September.

3. Beautiful digital artwork from the book.

Preorder and get instant access to a downloadable watercolor “I’d Rather Be Reading” print. I’m so happy with how gorgeous this is turning out for readers—click here to take a look at Janean’s aka @bookishplans incredible display.

Snail mail bonuses:

If you order two or more copies, we have actual, physical goodies to send your way. You don’t need two copies on your own shelves, this book would make a phenomenal gift for a book-loving friend, teacher, or family member. We’ve put together these special bonuses to make it even more giftable.

  • All of the above digital bonuses
  • Signed book plates for you and your friend
  • I’d Rather Be Reading bookmarks for you and your friend
  • Postcard print from the book: frame it for your reading nook or use it as a gift card
  • Modern Mrs Darcy and What Should I Read Next? stickers

Mark your calendars

  • Preorder by August 14 to give my team time to mail your bonuses in time for the September 4 release date. (We will fulfill all preorders bonuses for orders placed prior to September 3, but may not be able to mail them out by release date.)
  • To get your bonuses, place your preorder on or before September 3. But today would be nice.

Where to preorder:

Pre-order I’d Rather Be Reading wherever new books are sold, including your favorite independent bookstore; most make it easy to preorder online or by phone. (Use this ISBN: 9780801072925.)

We also have a fun option in collaboration with Page One Books: the limited edition I’d Rather Be Reading bundle. Page One and I worked together to curate perfect (and perfectly adorable) gifts to go with your new book. (If you order this option, your physical preorder goodies will arrive in your beautifully packaged box, straight from Page One.)

How to redeem:

After you preorder, take your receipt and go to I’

Scroll down, and click “I preordered one copy” or “I preordered multiple copies.” Complete the form.

(If you buy two books in two separate transactions, that’s absolutely fine! Just send us both receipts.)

These bonuses disappear just before midnight on September 3, so get yours now!

Thanks for reading, and thanks so much for your support of I’d Rather Be Reading!


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  1. Mary says:

    I have just found your blog and have already pre-ordered your new book from Amazon but don’t know how to submit that. The order # is 112-9022246. By the way, at the same time, I also ordered your book Reading People! I can’t wait to get into both of them, and by the way……I love your library, I could live there!

  2. Kristin says:

    Just pre-ordered your book from Amazon for $10.52 today…what a great hardcover price! So excited for September!

  3. Marion says:

    Just pre-ordered two books on Amazon. Can’t wait to read it! One copy will be a birthday gift to a dear book loving Friend!

  4. Natasha says:

    Just pre-ordered two on Amazon! One as a treat for myself for completing my doctoral qualifying exams and one for a friend who wanted to accompany me to meet you when you were in New Orleans but missed out because she was out of town. So excited to have it in my hands soon!

  5. Laura Hanson says:

    I preordered a copy of Reading People several months ago on Amazon with this order number 111-8364938-2765825. I preordered another copy yesterday with this order number 111-7565167-7789047 so I’ll be receiving two. But they have two different order numbers. How would I submit that for the bonuses?

    • Anne says:

      Thanks for preordering! Enter one order number in the form, and you’ll get an email with more details on physical bonuses. Thanks!

  6. Diana says:

    I was so excited about the Page One bundle…until I realised I couldn’t get it shipped to Australia. I have ordered two copies, though – one for me and one for my mom. Can’t wait to read it and display prominently in my home. (The watercolor of your library has been my phone’s background all year and I LOVE it.)

  7. The preorder bonuses work out wonderfully for me. Having moved to Slovenia, I have had to order a copy to be sent to my parents´ house in the UK, but I can listen to the audio version in September and pick up the book next time I visit them! Thanks for the super offer.

  8. Sophia says:

    I pre-ordered back in April, thanks for the bonuses!
    I have never pre-ordered a book before in my life so this is huge for me. You and your website and podcast have done great things for my reading life and I’m so appreciative!

  9. Julie says:

    Hi Anne,
    I just pre-ordered too. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I have been reading for years, looking at reviews and waiting every week for the links (which I also love!). I finally realized I was reading about books obsessively because I was not doing what I really wanted: READING the books! Being a mom of four, foster mom, and homeschooling mom, I always found an excuse. But it was really an excuse to ignore what I needed…BOOKS! Reading! Not being “just” a mom and wife! Alone time!! And your blog finally led me there. So thanks for that. Looking forward to your book and saying a prayer now for great success and encouragement for you!

  10. Darla says:

    Anne – I goofed! I had already ordered the Page 1 I’d Rather Be Reading bundle and then ordered a copy today from Amazon…I chose ordered multiple copies when I submitted my form. Should I have selected one copy?!?!

    • Anne says:

      Nope, this sounds like two copies to me. (Although you’ll get your physical bonuses in your Page 1 box so you are more than covered here!)

  11. Tawny Sterwerf says:

    Do you have information on the pre-release in Franklin, IN? We just moved up here and I am hoping to attend.

    • Anne says:

      Yes to international bonuses! Digital bonuses are worldwide and my team and I are even mailing physical bonuses around the world. Book Depository is a favorite for international orders (and they do stock I’d Rather Be Reading), but any bookseller that works for you would be wonderful.

  12. Rhonda S Turner says:

    I preordered 5 copies of your new book, I’d Rather Be Reading from Books a Million, order # 7354723748124. I did not know the bonuses were to be requested by a certain date. Is it too late to get them??

  13. Emma says:

    Hi Anne, I pre-ordered 2 copies of your book in July. I am hoping to listen to the audiobook version this week while I’m wrapping Christmas presents but I can’t seem to find an email with the free download code. I searched my inbox for anything on or around September 4th. Can you help? Thanks!

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