How to Make Your Own Delicious Lattes at Home Without an Espresso Machine

Today I’m thrilled to be sharing over at Money Saving Mom how I save tons of money by making lattes at home, with my trusty little kitchen gadget the AeroPress.

From the post:

I love a good latté; my husband’s a cappuccino guy. He works in the coffee industry. Recently he went to a trade show in Seattle and enjoyed one coffee shop so much he felt guilty about leaving me at home, so he brought me a bag of their espresso. And in our house, that spells l-o-v-e.

As much as we both love espresso drinks, I can’t afford $4 lattes everyday (even if he gets his at work). So we make it at home, but believe it or not, we don’t own a traditional espresso machine (mostly because a good one costs at least $400).

Head over to Money Saving Mom to read my step-by-step instructions for making killer lattes at home.



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  1. Cynthia says:


    My husband is in the coffee business as well. We have coffee coming out of our ears…and yet still take the time to love it with the kind of respect it deserves 😉

    Love that you are writing about it! Heading over to your post to read…right…now!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! We have had an aeropress since 2007 and I have never heard of anyone else using it! People are gaga over french presses, but you are the first person I have seen talk about the aeropress! You have no idea how thrilling this is for me.

    Also, if my husband worked in the coffee industry, I would be in heaven.

    Have you guys ever roasted beans at home? That’s on my “someday list.”

    Sadly, we’ve neglected our little aeropress for a while, but this is so inspiring to me. I need to get one of those aerolattes so I can whip these up for myself.

    SO inspiring, Anne! THANK YOU!

    • Anne says:

      Seriously, my husband is a major, MAJOR coffee nerd, so the concept of roasting beans at home does come up. But there are good roasters in town so it’s definitely not a priority. Just thinking about the smell coming from my own kitchen makes me dreamy, though….

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