Friday links and a few more blogs I like

I didn't buy it on Amazon

I didn't buy it on Amazon

Back in the fall, I shared 5 blogs I like, followed by 5 more blogs worth checking out. I’m overdue to share a few more with you.

Without further ado, 3 more of my regular reads are:

Carrots for Michaelmas

Carrots for Michaelmas. Haley’s tagline is “cultivating a Catholic family through literature, liturgical living, and urban homesteading.” Which is another way of saying she writes a lovely mix of almost everything.

The post you’re most likely to have read before is 10 books you must read to your daughter (or how to keep your daughter from ending up like that horrid girl in twilight) which gives you a pretty good idea of Haley’s content and her sense of humor.

Lindsey Kubly

Lindsey Kubly. Lindsey writes a smart lifestyle blog, combining the style and beauty posts you’d expect from such with smart organizational tips, good books, and the occasional musing on introversion.

I’ve especially enjoyed tracking her progress on her annual book list.

Bronwyn Lea

Bronwyn Lea. I don’t remember how I first found Bronwyn’s blog, but it was long before she wrote here about giving herself a second chance with the classics. She calls her blog a place to process her thoughts, share her opinions, and start conversations. I enjoy her thoughtful reflections on often-hot topics, such as this one on teaching her children how to drink.

Bronwyn and I got to have lunch in Grand Rapids this spring, so now when I visit her blog I can hear her reading her own words in her charming South African accent.

And now for some good reads from around the web:

I love Shana and her blog Ain’t No Mom Jeans—although it won’t be called that for much longer—I’m dying to see what Shana has up her sleeve for the re-brand! This post on her year of breast cancer exemplifies why.

• If you’ve seen some of Jimmy Fallon’s late-night lip sync battles, this post on Jimmy Fallon and the joy of the Lord is for you. (My favorite is Emma Stone’s, and it’s embedded in the post.)

• More Emma Stone. (This is so unlike me!) But she and Andrew Garfield pulled the coolest paparazzi stunt ever.

How to quit Amazon and shop in an actual bookstore. My firm belief in #3 is what leads to crazy talk like this.

Have a great weekend!

P.S. This is the best way for me to read blogs right now.

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  1. EricaM says:

    Yay, more blogs to read! (I loved the list of books to read to girls-I think I might have to go back and do some re-reading!)

    I also might have to look into a new way of keeping up with the blogs I read. I just hit “add blogs to follow” on my Blogger page, but Blogger is getting buggy again. Or my technobane powers are acting up. That too. 😛

  2. Katie Mc. says:

    I’m so interested to hear your theory (mentioned in the original 5 blogs I like post) about why you read so many Catholic blogs!

  3. Breanne says:

    I love Lindsey’s blog! Simple and stylish and lover of books, she speaks to my mama heart and my person heart.

    And I crack up often over Haley’s posts- so good and humorous.

    I used all the ideas in the bookstore article while buying a book recently and I loved the book. Great article.

  4. Sloan says:

    Love that article about the joy of Jimmy Fallon. He’s great and I wish he came on at 8 instead of 11:30! I just can’t stay up that late! I have started recording him though. Need to catch up!

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