Customer Service for the Win

About 6 weeks ago, we tried out Kiwi Crate for the first time. And you know what happened: my daughter latched on to the concept, wrote a book, and declared she wanted to work at Kiwi Crate when she grew up.

sarah kiwi crate

Well. Kiwi Crate took notice, and a few days later, this showed up on my doorstep:


3 Kiwi Crate boxes and a sweet handwritten note.


Kiwi Crate “My Dolls” box  from the “party favor” line–a giant hit with my girls. This came in the little red box. 

kiwi-crate-music-boxKiwi Crate “Making Music” crate with 2 activities: a DIY xylophone (left) and rhythm bells (right).


Kiwi Crate success! The xylophone from the “Making Music” crate was a hit.

Kiwi Crate also sent the kids the “Antarctic Adventure” crate with 2 activities: penguin bowling and aurora postcards. My girls haven’t gotten to that one yet but they’re begging me to make time for it this week.

I always love to hear a good customer service story (we talk about LEGO’s customer service win a lot at my house). I never expected to be on the receiving end of one, though–or better yet, that my kids would be. They enjoyed this fun surprise so much.

My daughter wrote her own (unprompted) thank you note back to Kiwi Crate. I wish I’d taken a picture of it! Suffice it to say she profusely thanked her new friend Lisa and used no fewer than 5 colored pens, 4 hand-drawn illustrations, and 13 exclamation points.


My girls made these paper dolls on their own, after they depleted the Kiwi Crate supplies. Note the tiny baby. 

I’ve been very pleased with Kiwi Crate so far: my family has been happy with their product, and I’m happy to do business with a company that knows how to wow its customers.

Head over here to sign up and try out Kiwi Crate for yourself. (And after your first crate arrives, please let me know how you like it!)

Have you ever been wowed by a company’s customer service?

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