31 Days of Cult Classics

31 days of cult classics | Modern Mrs Darcy

I wasn’t going to join the 31 days bandwagon unless I could come up with a topic I loved, and preserved the variety of posts so many of you said you love about this blog. Well, this is it.

You won’t find any Rocky Horror Picture Show or Donnie Darko in this series. This is the Modern Mrs Darcy, after all. No, we’ll be talking literary loves, film favorites, and fabulous designs that have earned their highly specific but dedicated fans.

It’s gonna be fun.

This is day one.

Day Two: Why you are the way you are

Day Three: Girl power gone wrong

Day Four: It’s not a dirty little secret anymore

Day Five: A little irreverent, maybe even a little absurd

Day Six: 5 signs that a novel is a classic, not a cult classic

Day Seven: The Austen novels most Janeites never read

Day Eight: A beauty cult classic–and a bargain buy

Day Nine: Slim, angsty, and Rory Gilmore-approved

Day Ten: A movie you can’t erase from your mind

Day Eleven: The “secret” society all women deserve to discover

Day Twelve: Tales that defined a generation

Day Thirteen: 3 Cult classic movies I’ve never seen but have high hopes for

Day Fourteen: It all depends on what season you are

Day Fifteen: Twitterature (cult classics video edition)

Day Sixteen: Glitzy and gaudy and completely over-the-top

Day Seventeen: 253 patterns that change the way you see the world

Day Eighteen: The pen of urban legend

Day Nineteen: A fractured fairy tale. (Yes, you have to read the kissing parts.)

Day Twenty: Classic Cult: 5 favorite Jane Austen-inspired romantic comedies

Day Twenty-one: The MBTI Bible

Day Twenty-two: Affordable, accessible, versatile, hackable

Day Twenty-three: Because the handwritten note never goes out of style

Day Twenty-four: Tea snobs love it or hate it

Day Twenty-five: The patron saint of struggling writers

Day Twenty-six: “The most painfully honest portrayal of adolescence ever on television”

Day Twenty-seven: The other Parisian expat chef

Day Twenty-eight: 5 cult classic beauty products I love (and 1 I could do without)

Day Twenty-nine: 2 zany period dramas with incredible casting

Day Thirty: Discover the 9 types of people

Day Thirty-one: That was fun but I’m glad it’s over. (A 31 days wrap-up)



  1. Fun! This is odd, I know, but I feel like i have been hearing your name all OVER the place but just now visiting your blog? LOL So glad to finally sort of meet you. Found you tonight in the “too awesome” category over at Nester. I am there too. xo

  2. Kristin Cho says:

    oh this sounds like fun! and educational, too. i need this.. i’ve signed up for email alerts. school me on all the good things, sister!

    so great to meet you this past weekend. i hope it was a life-giving conference for you!


  3. Nora says:

    This is brilliant! I am totally failing at coming up with an example of a literary cult classic… Dr. Frankenstein maybe? Can’t wait to see what you have in store!

  4. Ana says:

    I can’t wait to see what all you cover! And I must send you a hundred virtual hugs for letting me know new Downton Abbeys can be watched online!!!! Blissful! 🙂

  5. Tim says:

    If today is day 1 of 31, then what’s the first classic thing you love? I’m guessing it’s filling your friends with an overwhelming curiosity of what you will reveal first!

  6. Jennifer H says:

    The Christmas Box (Richard Paul Evans) is kind of a cult classic, isn’t it? BTW, I finally read The Secret Keeper and loved it – thanks for the recommendation.

  7. Julie says:

    I have seen the movie Grey Gardens, and it is worth watching!

    I’ve not watched Fight Club all the way through, but it’s one of my son’s favorite movies. It has a neat twist at the end, but I won’t spoil it for you!

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