The Thing About Leftovers

The Thing About Leftovers

Series: 12 local authors

My 12 year old LOVES this book. Fizzy is committed to being a "good southern girl" and winning the Southern Living cook-off. That first part proves difficult, as Fizzy stifles her feelings and deals with her parents' divorce. She just wants to yell, to share her feelings, to say what she means. But a good southern girl says "yes ma'am" and keeps it inside. The cook-off, plus a couple of new friends, make the perfect distraction, and might just teach Fizzy about speaking up and expressing herself.

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About the Book

With the humor and poignancy of Joan Bauer and Lynda Mullaly Hunt, this story reminds readers that they have a right to a voice, that it’s okay to say how you feel, and that some leftovers are absolutely delicious!

Fizzy is a good Southern girl who just wants to be perfect. And win the Southern Living cook-offThe being perfect part is hard though, since her parents’ divorced and everything in her life has changed. Wary of her too-perfect stepmom and her mom’s neat-freak, dismissive boyfriend, she’s often angry or upset and feels like a guest in both homes. She tells herself to face facts: She’s a “leftover” kid from a marriage that her parents want to forget. But she has to keep all of that to herself, because a good Southern girl never yells, or throws fits, or says anything that might hurt other people’s feelings–instead she throws her shoulders back, says yes ma’am, and tries to do better. So Fizzy tries her best, but it’s hard to stay quiet when her family keeps getting more complicated. Fortunately, the Southern Living cook-off gives her a welcome distraction, as do her new friends Miyoko and Zach, who have parent issues of their own.

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