Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World

Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World

Series: 2015 Reading Challenge: a book you chose because of the cover
Genre: Christian Living
Tag: Quick Lit
Length: 256 pages
ASIN: 0800722450

This is Emily's fourth book, and it edges out A Million Little Ways as my favorite so far.

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About the Book

Publisher’s description:

Is your soul being held hostage by hustle?

If you’ve grown weary of do more and dream bigger, small-moment living is just what you need. Real life happens in the small moments we find on the most ordinary day of the week. Tuesday holds secrets we can’t see in a hurry–secrets not just for our schedules but for our souls. In Simply Tuesday, Emily P. Freeman shows you how to

· embrace today’s work
· find contentment in the now
· replace competition with connection
· learn to breathe in a breathless world

It’s time to release our obsession with building a life, and believe in the life Christ is building within us–one simple Tuesday at a time.