Murder on the Last Frontier (A Charlotte Brody Mystery)

Murder on the Last Frontier (A Charlotte Brody Mystery)

Series: 20 Historical Heroines Worth Rooting For
Publisher: Kensington
Publication Year: 2015
ASIN: 1496700546
ISBN: 1496700546

The Alaskan Territory is no place for a woman on her own, but suffragette and intrepid journalist Charlotte Brody pays no heed to such warnings. She needs a fresh start and travels to Cordova, the frontier town where her brother practices medicine. When a local prostitute is found murdered, Charlotte is the only one willing to investigate. As she digs into the case, Charlotte learns that the woman’s past is not unlike her own. Dangers posed by the Alaskan wilderness are nothing compared to a killer on the loose.

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About the Book

There’s many who feel the Alaska Territory is no place for a woman on her own. But Charlotte Brody, suffragette and journalist, has never let public opinion dictate her life choices. She’s come to the frontier town of Cordova, where her brother Michael practices medicine, for the same reason many come to Alaska—to start over.

Cordova is gradually getting civilized, but the town is still rougher than Charlotte imagined. And when a local prostitute—one of the working girls her brother has been treating—is found brutally murdered, Charlotte learns firsthand how rough the frontier can be. Although the town may not consider the murder of a prostitute worthy of investigation, Charlotte’s feminist beliefs motivate her to seek justice for the woman. And there’s something else—the woman was hiding a secret, one that reminds Charlotte of her own painful past.

As Charlotte searches for answers, she soon finds her own life in danger from a cold-blooded killer desperate to keep dark secrets from seeing the light of day…

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