A Front Page Affair (Kitty Weeks Mystery)

A Front Page Affair (Kitty Weeks Mystery)

Series: 20 Historical Heroines Worth Rooting For
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
Publication Year: 2016
ASIN: 149263266X
ISBN: 149263266X

Capability “Kitty” Weeks dreams of reporting on 1915 global politics but resigns herself to write fluff pieces for the Ladies’ Page. Her luck changes when a man is murdered at a high society party, and she’s there to get the scoop. Kitty follows her journalistic instincts to find the killer and winds up uncovering a much bigger conspiracy. Radha Vatsal based Kitty Weeks on early 1910s action film heroines, and Vatsal’s knowledge of the time period will impress even the most avid historical fiction readers.

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About the Book

“This lively and well-researched debut introduces a charming historical series and an appealing fish-out-of-water sleuth who seeks independence and a career in an age when most women are bent on getting married, particularly to titled Englishmen. Devotees of Rhys Bowen’s mysteries will enjoy making the acquaintance of Miss Weeks”―Library Journal, STARRED Review

New York City, 1915

The Lusitania has just been sunk, and headlines about a shooting at J.P. Morgan’s mansion and the Great War are splashed across the front page of every newspaper. Capability “Kitty” Weeks would love nothing more than to report on the news of the day, but she’s stuck writing about fashion and society gossip over on the Ladies’ Page―until a man is murdered at a high society picnic on her beat.

Determined to prove her worth as a journalist, Kitty finds herself plunged into the midst of a wartime conspiracy that threatens to derail the United States’ attempt to remain neutral―and to disrupt the privileged life she has always known.

Radha Vatsal’s A Front Page Affair is the first book in highly anticipated series featuring rising journalism star Kitty Weeks.

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