Among the Shadows: Tales from the Darker Side

Among the Shadows: Tales from the Darker Side

Series: Spooky Short Story Collections
Publisher: Starfire
Publication Year: 1991
ASIN: 0553289594
ISBN: 0553289594

This collection makes me think of Anne’s Story Club, the one in which she and her friends write about “love and murder and elopement and mysteries.” Anne would simply devour a book full of romantic ghost stories. Though somber and brooding, these 19 tales of heartache, secrets, and hauntings showcase Montgomery’s eloquent style and vivid imagination. It might be a little tricky to track down (try Thriftbooks or your local used bookstore), but it’s worth hunting for Montgomery’s unique and fascinating collection.

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About the Book

Publisher’s description:
These nineteen fascinating stories are unlike any others L.M. Montgomery ever wrote.  Filled with strange and supernatural occurrences, they are peopled with drunkards, embezzlers, and thieves: A woman confesses to murder after she has passed away. . . . A righteous deacon gets a taste of his own bitter medicine. . . . An amateur photographer records a dark deed. . . . The ghost of a woman’s sweetheart comes to bid her good-bye. . . . Somber, dark, and brooding, these intriguing stories suggest that love really can last beyond death and that poetic justice does exist.  Each of these wonderful tales is full of the strength of Montgomery’s own inner resources.

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