Links I love.

Links I love.

buckling down

I’m experimenting with ways to share great links more often than in my monthly What I’m Into post, and more reliably than Facebook has proven to deliver. Let me know what you think.

summer reading

via Zits comics

You are not late. A must-read for entrepreneurs.

• This ingenious alarm clock would definitely get me out of bed in the morning.

• Be quick but don’t hurry, play lots of Monopoly, go for the selfie, and other life advice from Malcolm Gladwell.

• Want to be a better person? Take a walk in the park.

9 keys to crafting a killer blog post. 1500 words, I had no idea. (Not happening. But still good to know.)

• Austen heroines as fortune hunters? Hardly. But I still appreciated this look at the economics of Jane Austen.

Links I Love | Modern Mrs Darcy

Best of MMD:

• You asked, I answered: here’s how I find great Kindle deals.

• Like Norah Jones, I take the long way home.

• Seeking: a fabulous series to fill up your TBR list. (Great comments on this one.)

Spinning out. Most likely to draw empathetic nods from introverts and HSPs.

• I love my ebooks, but sometimes only real paper will do.

Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Molly says:

    I love Zits almost as much as I love Calvin and Hobbes! I didn’t read the entire article about the economics of Jane Austen, but I disagree with what was said in the introduction. By that definition every living person is a fortune hunter. And the link about your father is funny in a familiar sort of way. Thank you for sharing these links with us! I look forward to more (I hope) in the future!

  2. Tim says:

    Zits is a favorite of mine!

    I read the 9 keys earlier this week. Not sure I agree that their points are the way to blog successfully. Not that their tips will doom anyone, but I don’t think they are keys to success either.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I think I read that same article on blog posts and I have to disagree with the author’s recommendation of 1,500 words. People want to read things that are short, 1,500 words is quite a bit, for a blog post, unless you’re explaining something really technical.

  4. Beth Anne says:

    Anne, you’re too kind to share us with your readers again. Many popped over to say hello and subscribe to the podcast as well. MMD Readers – you all are the best!

    I knew your audience would detest 1500 words. Short and to the point works perfectly for you and many bloggers, for sure. Also, the studies done were, in fact, done by SEO/Business/Blogging type of bloggers and not measured for lifestyle bloggers. A future project for us to pursue perhaps!

    Also, I agree with Tim – these 9 keys are definitely not the be-all ,end-all of blogging. I could write several more articles on creating a great title, content creation…. there is so much to dig into. For now, though, we’re starting with these 9 keys and building upon them.

    Love Malcolm Gladwell’s life advice, and that alarm clock would get me out of bed too 🙂

    ~ Beth Anne

  5. Lizzy says:

    I enjoyed the link to The Economics of Jane Austen. Piketty uses a lot of examples from Austen to illustrate his points which I found interesting.

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