Stacey Swann
Olympus, Texas: A Novel

Olympus, Texas: A Novel

This spellbinding dysfunctional family saga set in small-town Texas is rife with allusions to classical mythology. Everyone knows everyone else’s business in the fictional town of Olympus, especially when it comes to the notorious Briscoe family. The clan is “a walking collection of deadly sins,” and due to patriarch Peter’s philandering, his children populate several households in town. When prodigal son March returns home after a years-long exile imposed after sleeping with his sister-in- law, he sets a devastating chain of events in motion. Though the story spans a mere six days, several lifetimes’ worth of secrets are revealed in that time, and the ensuing consequences to the family and their town are irrevocable. A modern spin on Greek tragedy, full of fistfights and firearms; I’ve been recommending it nonstop ever since I turned the last page. (Content warning for violence, including domestic violence.)

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