Sloane Crosley
Look Alive Out There: Essays

Look Alive Out There: Essays

Sloane Crosley, bestselling author of The Clasp, describes the transition to nonfiction like this: "I was working on fiction for so long, and that was so freeing in some ways. 'Oh good, I get to make everything up!' But then it's sort of horrifying in other ways, where you're like, 'I have to make everything up. I'm responsible for everything.'" So here, Crosley returns to the form of her 2008 collection I Was Told There'd Be Cake, describing the events of her "madcap life"—everything from playing herself on Gossip Girl to climbing active volcanoes. Her new work has been compared to Dorothy Parker, Nora Ephron, and David Sedaris. Release date: April 3 2018.

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