Sarah Morgenthaler
The Tourist Attraction

The Tourist Attraction

Donna, our MMD spreadsheet guru, enthusiastically recommended Morgenthaler's Moose Spring series for cozy rom-com reading. Set in a small Alaska town populated with charming side characters, the first book features a romance between a grumpy diner owner and a smitten tourist. Graham owns The Tourist Trap, the aptly named diner where his customers come and go each season. He barely notices when a new face enters the restaurant, until Zoey Caldwell shows up. Zoey has been saving for a trip to Alaska for years, and she quickly falls in love with Moose Springs and its beauty. Of course, when she crosses paths with Graham there's even more of a pull to stay there, forever. Fun, witty, and low on the steam scale—pick this one up when you need a quick feel-good read.

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