Nisha Sharma
My So-Called Bollywood Life

My So-Called Bollywood Life

In this zany romantic comedy with the high drama Bollywood fans know and love, New Jersey high school senior Winnie struggles to find her happily ever after—with the help of her entertaining friends and family. An Indian Priest predicted Winnie would find her soulmate before her 18th birthday, and she thinks her boyfriend’s the one … until she comes back from film camp to find out he’s cheating on her. Even worse, administrative woes lead to Winnie being stripped of her dreamed-of role as the chair of the student film festival, and they give the job to her ex. It’s looking pretty grim until fellow film junkie Dev enters the picture, and soon has Winnie questioning how much of her life is destiny, and how much is up to her to decide. Publisher recommends for ages 14+.

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