Gillian Goerz
Shirley and Jamila Save Their Summer

Shirley and Jamila Save Their Summer

Grown-ups, if you're nostalgic for the Encyclopedia Brown novels of your youth, this story is for you! In this adorable graphic novel, two ten-year-old girls who don't seem to have much in common are brought together by a common goal: to stay out of the boring summer camps their moms are threatening to send them to. They hatch a plan, and win over their moms: as long as they spend their days together, essentially supervising each other, they're allowed to spend their summer vacation days as they please. This means Jamila gets to shoot hoops at the local basketball court while Shirley does her own thing nearby. When a neighborhood boy asks for Shirley’s help in finding his missing gecko, Jamila learns Shirley is actually a pet detective! As Jamila comes along to help, she realizes she has some detective skills of her own—and a new partnership is born. But it’s not all smooth sailing and the girls will have to learn how to navigate what friendship really means. If you enjoy this story, pick up the sequel for more adventures.

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