Celia C. Pérez
Strange Birds: A Field Guide to Ruffling Feathers

Strange Birds: A Field Guide to Ruffling Feathers

In this sweet and inspiring story, four girls who didn't think they had anything in common come together to fight injustice and form a sisterhood in the process over the course of one unforgettable summer. When artist Lane, aspiring journalist Ofelia, bird-watcher Cat, and culinary-focused Aster form their own secret scout troop (winningly named "the Ostentation of Others and Outsiders") as an alternative to the entrenched society the Floras, they initially struggle to find common ground. But then Cat presents a mission that galvanizes the girls, and they begin working to change an outdated and harmful tradition still embraced by the Floras. A powerful and plotty tale of activism, cooperation, and friendship that reminds kids and grown-ups alike that it’s possible to make a difference right where you live.

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