Alex Michaelides
The Maidens

The Maidens

A highly discussable psychological thriller set on an iconic British campus. This twisty mystery begins when Mariana, a group psychotherapist grieving the recent death of her husband, receives a frantic call from her niece Tara saying her friend and floormate has been murdered. Mariana travels to investigate—and soon, what began as concern escalates into obsession as she draws from what she knows of human behavior to uncover the murderer in their midst. The clues lead her straight to the charismatic Classics professor Edward Fosca and his secret Cambridge society known as the Maidens, but proving the case might destroy her. Be mindful of the obvious triggers that accompany a murder mystery, plus self-harm and brief graphic scenes. I hated the controversial ending, but I would dearly love to discuss it with my book club.

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