Aimee Molloy
The Perfect Mother

The Perfect Mother

New motherhood is tough, but the May Mothers—whose babies share the same birth month—have each other. They swap mothering tips, confess insecurities, and commiserate about lost sleep in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. When one of the moms spearheads a girls’ night out, it sounds like a much-needed escape from the demands of new motherhood. But while the women drink in a local bar, one of the babies vanishes from his crib. The ensuing media frenzy brings secrets from their long-buried pasts come to light as the friends race against time to discover what happened—and if there’s any hope of saving the baby. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, Malloy drops another surprise in your lap. A fast-paced psychological thriller, soon to be a major motion picture starring Kerry Washington.

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