Announcing the Perspectives on Life and Love Carnival

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Next month, one of my oldest and dearest friends is getting married. She’s 34.

I’ve been thinking a lot this summer about how different her experience of getting married will be from mine.

At 34, she knows herself so much better than I did back then, when I was just 21. She’s entering marriage with the wisdom of another decade and a half–all the wisdom I didn’t even know I was missing. And she spent her 20s–and some of her 30s–living her own life, while I was racking up the wedded years and raising babies.

It’s not better to get married at 34, or 21–or anytime before, after, or in between–but it’s certainly different. And while it’s my dear friend’s wedding that’s gotten me all reflective about life and love, age isn’t the only variable. We all have our own unique experiences with life and love.

For the next MMD carnival, we’re offering up stories about life and love that are uniquely ours. Tell us about why you got married at 21, or 34–or why you didn’t. Tell us about your first kiss, about falling in love, about breaking your heart (or someone else’s). Tell us about how you found The One, or about how you’re still looking, or how you’ve given up.

This carnival’s theme is Perspectives on Life and Love, because we want to hear your story. The date is Friday, August 10. Here’s what to do:

    • On or before August 10, write a post on your own blog.
    • Include the carnival graphic (or a text link)Β  somewhere in your post so that your readers can find the collection of stories we’re all sharing here.
    • If you have a story to tell but no blog to tell it on, email me your story and I’ll share it here on the blog. (Keep it to 250 words or so, please.)

Then come back to Modern Mrs Darcy on Friday August 10 to link up your post so we can come hear your story.

I’ll be sharing your favorite posts (and mine) on facebook and twitter, and on the blog later in the week. (To follow along, join my facebook community here, orΒ follow me on twitter here.)

(If you need some tips on telling your story, I highly recommend Marion Roach Smith’s book The Memoir Project.)

I can’t wait to read your stories on August 10. UPDATE: View the collection here.

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  1. Alyssa says:

    This sounds so great! Can’t wait to read everyone’s stories.

    Question: Can we link up a story that we have already published on our blog or does it have to be fresh? I have the perfect post in mind, even thought it’s from last year…

  2. Lynda says:

    I just saw this today but wouldn’t be able to work on it until after the weekend (going out of town). Would it be too late to link up next week? I noticed submissions end in a week and I would love to do this.. πŸ˜‰

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