A {Sense}ational Season, 5 Ways

A {Sense}ational Season, 5 Ways

I’m not a decorating guru, but I’ve got one thing figured out: My surroundings have a huge impact on my mood–whether I like it or not!

When it’s time to cozy up my home for the colder months, it helps me to flash back to grade school science class.  If I pay attention to all 5 senses, my results are gonna be great.

Sight: This sense is the most obvious, so try and pay special attention to the little touches that make you smile.  For me, our new Elf on the Shelf makes me grin every time I catch a glimpse of him, and so do the little red bows my daughter asked me to tie on everything. And Advent dinner by candlelight is a favorite family tradition.

Hearing: Music changes the mood of a home, so I’ve been playing my December favorites a ton: A Spectacular Bluegrass Christmas, A Very She & Him Christmas and Christmas with Weezer.  And Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God album may be aimed at kids, but I play it constantly during the holidays, whether or not any kiddos are around.

Touch: We’ve piled the blankets on the couch and stacked some good books nearby to make a cozy place to curl up for reading time.  (With a steaming mug of something, of course!)  Winter-themed stackable toys are nearby for the wee ones, and we’re making DIY snow globes for little fingers (and grown-up ones, too) to play with.

Smell: My favorite! Nice smells around the house make me really happy.  My December favorites are mulling spices simmering on the stove and clove-studded oranges (also known as pomanders) on the table.  I love the scent of Mrs. Meyer’s Iowa Pine this time of year, and feel indulgent lighting a fragrant candle (like the ones from Trapp’s fabulous holiday line).

Taste: Of course Christmas goodies spring to mind, but the simple pleasures of Stash lemon ginger tea, mulled wine, and spiced nuts warm me up and remind me of the season.

Which sense is your favorite to focus on this time of year?

photo credit: Martha Stewart via Anne on Pinterest

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  1. Sight for sure – I LOVE white Christmas lights and have as many of them inside as I can. As I write this, it’s still dark outside, but my living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom are lit with lit garlands, ribbons, and bells. It never fails to raise my spirits!

    Smell – I really wanted to find some of that Mrs. Meyer’s Iowa Pine cleaner, but have been unable to locate it anywhere locally and they are sold out online, so it’s on my list for next year. In the meantime, I love having candles burning and I’m currently enjoy the scent of Mistletoe from my Yankee Candle.

    Sound – Christmas music has been playing for a month now and I never get tired of it. 🙂

  2. Lucky says:

    Smell is my favorite too. I’ve been baking every night before bed and like going to bed with PJs that smell like cookies.

    Thanks for the reminder to pay attention to the other 4.

  3. Maria says:

    I too adore white Christmas lights in the house – and think I may just keep them up all year round! But I think my favourite sense has to be smell. I have candles all over the house and was recently given the Yankee Candle Christmas assortment by a friend. I cannot go a day without lighting one of these – they are divine!!

    Maria xx

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