A Sangria-Inspired Redesign

sangria redesign

The blog looks different today!

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I’ve known for a good six months or so it was time to make a change, but I wasn’t sure exactly what direction I wanted to take it in. All I knew for sure was that I wanted to keep the blue.

And then I found this gorgeous photo of pomegranate vanilla sangria on Pinterest, and I knew we had a winner. The lovely Margaret of Floral and Frayed put together a new color scheme and designed a new header and social media buttons with colors pulled from that gorgeous photo above.

(While I was shaking things up, I finally made the switch over to Genesis.)

I like it.

I hope you do, too.

photo credit

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  1. Beth says

    I love the design! It looks so calm and joyful! :) And the colors (orange, blue, brown, red) go so well together! Good job!

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