ESFJ: "The caregiver." (Traits: warmhearted, tactful, consistent, enthusiastic)
North and South

North and South

This is Gaskell's Pride and Prejudice. Margaret Hale, an outspoken and energetic woman from the South of England, is forced to move to an industrial town in the North with her family. As an ESFJ, Margaret is resistant to change, and is sentimental about the loss of her old, idyllic life. Margaret has zero qualms about calling out anything unjust, and she forms immediate, strong opinions about the Northern factories, which she doesn't hesitate to share with John Thornton, who runs a local mill. But as Margaret begins to understand and participate in Milton life, she begins to understand, and then enjoy, the town and its people—and can see that she's been clinging to a romanticized version of life in the South, and has seriously misjudged Mr. Thornton as well. (Don't skip the book, but the 2004 BBC miniseries is terrific.) More info →
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