Where’s Jane?

Where’s Jane?

Series: 30 Austen books (littles)
ASIN: 1610676661
ISBN: 9781610676663

This Where's Waldo-esque book follows Jane through ballrooms and other colorful scenes from her famous novels. Find her characters among the crows and scenery, too. Perfect as a coffee table book or on the shelf of your favorite little Janeite, this adorably illustrated seek-and-find book is a must-have for Austen fans of all ages.

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About the Book

Where’s Jane? Can you spot her? Look carefully and you’ll find her hiding among the colorful scenes from some of her best-loved novels, including Pride & Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma and Persuasion, and more. Read the story summaries, then find the characters in the gorgeously detailed artwork depicting Austen’s intriguing Georgian and Regency-era world.

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