Where You Once Belonged

Where You Once Belonged

Publisher: Vintage
Publication Year: 2000
ASIN: 0375708707
ISBN: 0375708707

I've been working my way through Kent Haruf's back catalog and enjoying it so much—if that's the right word. It took me a while to finally read Haruf, but I'm so glad I did: he's an excellent choice for readers who love Wallace Stegner, Wendell Berry, and Marilynne Robinson, as I do. In Where You Once Belonged, Haruf tells of "a small-town hero who is dealt an enviable hand–and cheats with all of the cards."

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Publisher’s description:

In Where You Once Belonged, the bestselling and award-winning novelist of Eventide, Kent Haruf tells of a small-town hero who is dealt an enviable hand–and cheats with all of the cards.

Deftly plotted, defiantly honest, Where You Once Belonged sings the song of a wounded prairie community in a narrative with the earmarks of a modern American classic. In prose as lean and supple as a spring switch, Haruf describes a high school football star who wins the heart of the loveliest girl in the county and the admiration of men twice his age. Fun-loving, independent, Burdette engages in the occasional prank. But when he turns into a man, his high jinks turn into crimes–with unspeakable consequences. Now, eight years later, Burdette has returned to commit his greatest trespass of all. And the  people of Holt may not be able to stop him.

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