The Divine Conspiracy

The Divine Conspiracy


When you're reading a book, do you ever feel like if you could really understand it, it would change everything? That's how I feel about Dallas Willard. I can’t tell you strongly enough what a huge impact this book has had on my faith, and I have returned to it again and again since I first read it almost 15 years ago.  (The Divine Conspiracy happens to be the book I was reading when my son was diagnosed with cancer, and I remember reading it–clinging to it, more like–in doctor's waiting rooms, airports, hotel rooms, and then back on the couch at home with my recuperating baby.)

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Publisher’s description:

A renowned teacher and writer of the acclaimed The Spirit of the Disciplines, Dallas Willard, one of today’s most brilliant Christian thinkers now offers a timely and challenging call back to the true meaning of Christian discipleship. In The Divine Conspiracy, Willard gracefully weaves biblical teaching, popular culture, science, scholarship, and spiritual practice into a tour de force that shows the necessity of profound changes in how we view our lives and faith.

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