Series: 10 Comforting classics to read after you run out of Jane Austen novels
Genre: Classic Literature
Length: 904 pages
ASIN: 0141439548
ISBN: 9780141439549

Eliot's hefty masterpiece combines her "study of provincial life" with a close look at several young couples who fall (or think they fall) in love. Who will find lasting happiness, and who won't, and why? By focusing on the narrow disappointments and particular joys of this small community, Eliot cuts to the heart of human nature. A novel about love, happiness, and second chances.

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Publisher’s description:
Vast and crowded, rich in irony and suspense, Middlemarch is richer still in character, with two of the era’s most enduring characters, Dorothea Brooke, trapped in a loveless marriage, and Lydgate, an ambitious young doctor.

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