Meet the Austins

Meet the Austins

Madeleine L'Engle is best known for her A Wrinkle in Time quintet, but the Austin family is just as welcoming, consisting of four kids, a newly orphaned girl, two dogs, several cats, a steady stream of friends dropping in, and intelligent family dinner-table talk that veers into the ethics of meat eating, the solar system, and Einstein.

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Publisher’s description:
The moment Maggy Hamilton steps into the happy  lives of the Austin family, she disrupts their  harmonious world, bringing with her all the sullenness  and insolence of her own  misery.

Vicky Austin knows she should sympathize with  Maggy for being an orphan, but she can’t help but  resent her for making life so difficult. It looks like  Maggy may be a member of the family for a long  time, possibly forever. Vicky remembers the happy  times and finally accepts that things will never be  the same, but she wonders what’s to come.

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