India Gray: Historical Fiction Boxed Set

India Gray: Historical Fiction Boxed Set

ASIN: B0152E2O8E

If you've read The Widows of Malabar Hill from the Summer Reading Guide, you might want to check out this collection of novellas by Sujata Massey, including a prequel about Perveen Mistry. The set contains Outnumbered at Oxford, the story of Perveen's Oxford days, caught in a case involving a stolen mathematics proof. The collection also includes stories The Ayah's Tale, a class story set in British Colonial India; Bitter Tea, involving a fifteen-year old trapped in a remote village taken over by religious fundamentalists; and the title story, India Gray, following a Bengali woman volunteering at a World War II hospital.

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Publisher’s description:
Travel to the Indian subcontinent with a new collection of Sujata Massey’s suspenseful historical fiction. This boxed set includes four works:

OUTNUMBERED AT OXFORD. When Perveen Mistry leaves Bombay to study law at St. Hilda’s College in 1919 Oxford, England, she hopes to escape her troubled past and become a pioneering woman lawyer. Then an elderly don tasks her with locating an Indian servant who may have stolen an invaluable mathematics proof. Perveen is caught in a case that threatens her ladylike reputation–and her life.

THE AYAH’S TALE. Menakshi Dutt, a teenaged nanny in 1920s Bengal, is a beloved caregiver of three lonely British children, but suffers from the cruelty of their bored mother. Will Menakshi ever fulfill her own dreams without betraying the children?

INDIA GRAY. Kamala Lewes, a recently-married Bengali woman, travels to Assam during World War II to volunteer at a military hospital. There she discovers some patients with ties to the Indian independence movement. How far can she go to help them without betraying her British husband and the Allies?

BITTER TEA. Shazia is fifteen and trapped in a remote village in Pakistan overtaken by religious fundamentalists. Her school has been closed, and women have lost freedom of movement. But when Shania learns a friend faces danger from the invaders, she decides to act.

Four unforgettable heroines in one book rich with history, culture and intrigue.

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