Dinner At The Homesick Restaurant

Dinner At The Homesick Restaurant

Length: 303 pages
ASIN: 0449911594

Anissa Davis raved about Anne Tyler on episode 38 of WSIRN, having read everything Tyler has written, saying that her books are entertaining, but also with a layer of depth. She envelopes what daily life is like - with all the joys, ups and downs, and humor - and is very good at bringing her characters to life.

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About the Book

Publisher’s description:

Pearl Tull is nearing the end of her life but not of her memory. It was a Sunday night in 1944 when her husband left the little row house on Baltimore’s Calvert Street, abandoning Pearl to raise their three children alone: Jenny, high-spirited and determined, nurturing to strangers but distant to those she loves; the older son, Cody, a wild and incorrigible youth possessed by the lure of power and money; and sweet, clumsy Ezra, Pearl’s favorite, who never stops yearning for the perfect family that could never be his own.

Now Pearl and her three grown children have gathered together again–with anger, hope, and a beautiful, harsh, and dazzling story to tell.

“A novelist who knows what a proper story is . . . [Tyler is] not only a good and artful writer, but a wise one as well.”

“Anne Tyler is surely one of the most satisfying novelists working in America today.”
–Chicago Tribune

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