Mangos and Mistletoe: A Foodie Holiday Novella

Mangos and Mistletoe: A Foodie Holiday Novella

Series: festive holiday fiction features
Genre: Romance
ASIN: B081135L42

This baking show-inspired novella is on my list of holiday reads this year and comes highly recommended from a romance-enthusiast friend. Adriana Herrera writes heartfelt, realistic romance; her characters have depth and charm. She also writes amazing food scenes. In this holiday story, pastry chef Kiskeya Burgos is determined to win this year’s Holiday Baking Challenge in Scotland, but sparks fly when she faces off with home-cook Sully Morales. Heads up for open door moments.

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About the Book

Kiskeya Burgos, pastry chef on the come up, arrives in Scotland with one goal in her sight: win the Holiday Baking Challenge and finally prove to her family, her horrible old boss and most importantly herself, she has what it takes to make it in the culinary world. Kiskeya left Dominican Republic with a lot to prove and now that she has her chance she will do what it takes to win the opportunity of a lifetime. If she can keep her eyes on the prize and off her infuriating teammate’s perfect lips.Sully Morales, home cooking hustler and self-proclaimed baking brujita is in Scotland to reconnect with herself after a few years of having her life was consumed by her mother’s illness. But now that the family’s back on track it’s time for Sully to get back to her greatest love, baking. She’s got it in her to win this contest. But when she finally convinces her grumpy AF baking partner that they make a great team at baking and at kissing, an unexpected betrayal may end their chance to win culinary competition glory.

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