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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a modern woman in possession of a good thought must be in want of a blog.

Hi! I’m Anne–resident blogger, bookworm, and big-question-asker here at Modern Mrs. Darcy.

I started this site to explore what it looks like to be an accomplished woman in our modern world. In Jane Austen’s day, when Elizabeth Bennet became the original Mrs. Darcy, it was a pretty straightforward question. It doesn’t seem quite so clear to me today.

Just like Lizzie Bennet, the blog Modern Mrs. Darcy has evolved in the last 3 years to host an ongoing conversation of womanhood and our time. My goal is to put a timely spin on timeless women’s issues–from relationships & family to beauty & style to the modern woman’s role in the changing work place – there’s no topic too big or small to get me talking.

If an average day existed here, you might find me styling the perfect look for an ordinary day, giving twitter-sized reviews of the books I read this month, and asking for your thoughts on what makes a happy marriage, child, or life.

Whatever the topic, I believe blogging is really all about community, and the conversation that happens in the comments makes my job both a joy and a privilege.

One Important Disclaimer: I am not Mrs. Darcy, and I don’t play her on TV.

My personal Pemberley is full to the brim with my husband Will, our 4 children, and many, many books. I speak Myers-Briggs (INFP), am an enneagram 9, and could talk personality types all day long!

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