What I’m into (November 2016 edition)

What I’m into (November 2016 edition)

Joining my friend Leigh Kramer to share what I’m into these days.

Every year it catches me by surprise. There’s so much buildup to Halloween, and then when it’s over I’m somehow surprised to find it’s already November and I’m on a straight downhill run to Thanksgiving and the holiday season. I keep thinking that one of these years I’ll adjust, and it won’t feel so unexpected.

November has been crazy, with projects and deadlines and family commitments. All while we’re getting used to having a new puppy! Daisy is doing great (although she definitely has days when it seems like she’s forgotten everything she’s ever been taught). And my step count has definitely gone up since I’ve had a walking companion again.

What I’m reading

Am I allowed to admit I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump? I’ve been trying to make my way through 2017 ARCs (that would be “advanced review copies”) and the ones that ring my bell have been few and far between.

I’ve also made a stab at several books I’ve been meaning to read for years: Middlesex. The Sparrow. The Accidental Tourist. That’s going a little better than the ARCs.

alphabetical order

In other bookish news, I rearranged the books in my office (above). After much stewing, they are now alphabetized. Hardcovers and paperbacks are separated, purely for aesthetic reasons. I think I like them that way, for now. (The living room books are still ROYGBIV-style.)

What I’m watching

Will and I are halfway through The West Wing. It’s our first time through and we’re really enjoying it. But I feel like I’m missing so much good tv while we’re busy watching 150+ episodes!

Currently on hold: This Is Us (we’ve watched one episode and want to see more). The Blacklist (is it any good this season??) Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life. (Although I don’t know if I can keep being patient through three more seasons of West Wing.

that thing you do

I’ve also seen That Thing You Do! five times in the past two weeks, because my kids (all my kids, which is pretty darn impressive) have declared it their new favorite. We were going for something that had the same vibe as You’ve Got Mail, and we nailed it.

In the kitchen

We have been in minimalist mode in the kitchen lately, but I’m hoping to do better in December.

During the holidays I make these addictive spiced nuts nonstop because they are delicious and make the house smell amazing, plus they’re a great little gift. I made the first batch over the weekend and they’re already gone. We’re trying to keep sugar to a minimum this season (since I already know the kids will get buckets of it when they’re not at home) and I’m on the hunt for more savory treats.

I also succumbed to the Black Friday craziness and bought an Instant Pot for half price. I have no idea how to use it. (I unwrapped it to make dinner last night, and while it was fast, and good, it wasn’t amazing.) Got any recipes you love? Please share them in comments!

I hope your November has been lovely. What were YOU into this month?

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  1. Tristan says:

    I got an Instant Pot early this summer to get me through a kitchen remodel (no stove, no oven, just a refrigerator, microwave, and my IP) and it was great.
    Favorite web site definitely Hip Pressure Cooking http://www.hippressurecooking.com/, and
    she also has cookbook (I bought the Kindle version).
    It looks intimidating, but it isn’t, just go for it…
    My favorite things to make so far — butter chicken, red beans and rice, corn chowder, mongolian beef. You can also make plain pasta in it (although dunno why you would want to, unless, like me, you don’t have a stove). And the other day I cooked a whole chicken in it — super easy, and really delicious.

  2. Pamela Jo says:

    Finished my Christmas decorating today. That was keeping me busy. Watching lots of holiday shows on tv and feeling festive.
    Enjoying my ARC of “The Pattern Artist” by Nancy Moser. Need to finish it and write a review by December 8th. It’s a 5-Star so far…set in NYC in 1911, it’s about a woman who has just arrived in the U.S. and is working as a maid. She decides to spread her wings and takes a job at Macy’s. That leads to working for the Butterick Pattern Company, where she is noticed because of her flair for fashion design. She is just about to go to Paris, and I can’t wait to find out what’s in store for her next. Loving this book!

  3. Elizabeth Schroer says:

    The Sparrow is definitely awesome. It’s one of my favorite books that I reread every year since I was in college! (12 years….War Eagle!) And for being so dark in some parts, it’s surprisingly full of religious themes towards the end. I always cry.

  4. Donna says:

    Hey Anne! Happy December!! I just love these posts.:) November was an amazing reading month for me. I managed to read 9 books.
    I highly recommend Faithful by Alice Hoffman, Left Neglected by Lisa Genova, Michelle Obama: A Life by Peter Slevin, Through the Glass by Shannon Moroney, and Paris for One by Jojo Moyes.
    Oooo and Clare Mackintosh’s new thriller, I See You came out here in Canada on Tuesday. I ran out and grabbed a copy. I’m already halfway through.
    I watched a few good movies lately. I highly recommend
    Boyhood. I also really liked If I Stay.
    I haven’t watched much TV lately, but I plan on catching up this month. I need to catch up on season 5 of Homeland and start watching The Crown on Netflix.
    Also, my friend keeps talking about Queen Sugar on OWN so I wanna give it a try. Have you watched it? I read and loved the book last year.
    Thanks again for sharing!

  5. Jamie says:

    THAT THING YOU DO!!! Oh man – our family LOVED that movie when I was a teenager. So many good one liners…”There he goes, off to write his hit song ‘Along in My Principles.” Such a funny and wholesome (for the most part) movie.
    Also, I saw that deal on the InstaPot on Amazon and I entertained the idea of snagging it for a fleeting moment. 🙂

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