Want a Strong Family? Start with Meal Planning.

Want a Strong Family? Start with Meal Planning.

I’m happy to have Tiffany King here today to share about something that’s very important to my family: meal planning. Because we have food allergies at my house and follow special diets, we can’t order take-out as a back-up plan, or whip up some boxed mac and cheese. If we don’t meal plan, we’re sunk! I’m excited about what Tiffany has to share about the how and why of getting organized today. Please welcome her!

Want a strong family? Start with meal planning.

Does that sound like a strange connection?

There are many important ingredients that go into growing a strong family, but I think family dinners are one of the keys. Something important happens when we share a meal together every day.

Meal planning is an action you can take that has a direct impact on building a strong family. Having a plan for dinner means you’ve prioritized it. Here are some other ways that having a plan in place for dinner paves the way for quality family time.

1. Build strong, healthy bodies – Meal planning adds variety to diet. Having a menu for the week is a sure way to incorporate healthy foods. Without a plan, we tend to get stuck making the same meals over and over again. Kids may like having their favorites all the time, but it’s good to encourage them to try new foods occasionally.

2. Make dinner fit your schedule and family life – A meal plan can focus on quick to fix recipes or slow cooker meals or a special diet. Customize it to your family.

3. End the problem of staring into the pantry at 4pm wondering what you’ll make for dinner. If the late afternoon is especially busy, you can plan to have a prepared casserole for the oven or fill the slow cooker earlier in the day. Meal planning allows you to make the cooking fit your family schedule.

4. Stick to the goal of eating at home instead of grabbing fast food. There are seasons of life that can be so busy, it’s tempting to get into a habit of buying a quick meal instead of cooking at home and eating together. Having a meal plan is the best way to break (or prevent) this habit. It makes your budget happier too.

If you don’t have time to create your own meal plans or you just don’t know where to start, I have a resource for you – Eat at Home Weekly Meal Plan Service. Each week you’ll have two meal plans emailed to you.

  • All Slow Cooker Meal Plan
  • Traditional Meal Plan

Each plan has 6 dinners and 1 dessert. It comes with a grocery list and printable recipes. There are also tips on cooking, freezing extras for future meals and timing things so you can fit the meals to your schedule.

Choose which plan to print for the week and head to the store. At just $4 per month, it’s a great way to save time on meal planning.

Whether you create your own menu or use a service, I encourage you to have a meal plan and follow through. Family dinner really is a fantastic way to build strong families.

Tiffany King has been married for 25 years. She and her husband, Jim have 4 children ranging in age from 21 years old to 10 years old. Tiffany is the owner of Eat at Home, a site dedicated to helping families get dinner on the table every day, by providing easy recipes, cooking tips and Weekly Meal Plans.

Do you meal plan?  Why and how?

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  1. sarah says:

    I agree meal planning takes great care of my family and I’ve found it also frees my mind up to not have to figure dinner out every day! I recently posted on how I meal plan. I use a fantastic app called Paprika. It keeps my recipes all in one place, I can “capture” recipes from blogs or websites into my box with one tap. Then I use their calendar meal planning function, and hit a button to add each recipe to my shopping list. The list is organized by aisle and ingredients needed for multiple recipes are combined. I can look at the iPhone version of the app to check things off my list as I go. So nice. It streamlines the whole process.

  2. I came up with my own method of meal planning after not finding any that really suit my family. I love it! I even have a free copy of it for subscribers to my blog. I am in the process of making a few more versions of it too 🙂


  3. Heatherly says:

    I couldn’t agree more- life has become so much more calm {and less expensive} since we started planning our meals for the month.

    Looking at the “Eat at Home.” Thanks for the resource.

  4. Keri says:

    I totally meal plan. Without it, I am crazy, frantic mommy and NOBODY wants that! Having a plan saves money, keeps us healthy with good foods (no last minute runs to the drive-thru), and helps us be resourceful (use what we’ve got).

  5. Hope says:

    I started to plan our meals and I love it. It is somewhat overwhelming when Friday comes around and it’s time to make up next week’s meals. So I skipped the last two weeks… not good! I just feel better when it’s organized and I am not looking at the pantry at 4pm. Besides, I know how it blesses my husband when I am organized and when he gets a quick answer when he gets curious about dinner around that time. That is my main motivation for doing this meal planning: it blesses him. Besides: it’s cheaper than ending up going to the store multiple times during the week.

  6. Sally says:

    I like to have a basic idea of where to start my meal planning so I came up with this “starter” idea~
    On my calendar I have…
    Monday – Beef
    Tuesday – Pork
    Wednesday – Poultry
    Thursday – Casserole
    Friday- Seafood
    Saturday and Sunday – Cooks Choice

  7. Tim says:

    In addition to having a plan, we also talk through a week’s worth of meals ahead of time. There’s a list on the fridge for Sunday through Saturday, and plenty of questions about what people might want to eat that week, what nights everyone is home or not, and the week’s menus start to take shape.


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