The Marriage Diaries: “One thing we were horrible at” (and a reminder for the bookworms)

The Marriage Diaries: “One thing we were horrible at” (and a reminder for the bookworms)

the marriage diaries: one thing we were horrible at

“Marriage is hard to talk about,” Erica explains, “because we want to respect our spouses and to keep intimate matters intimate.”

That’s why Erica’s beginning a dialogue over at her blog Let Why Lead with a new blog series called The Marriage Diaries, where 6 bloggers are sharing about one aspect of marriage that surprised and challenged them, to get the ball rolling and make the conversation easier for married women everywhere.

Today I’m sharing about the one thing Will and I are horrible at: 

I was 21 when we got married; my husband was 22. Despite being young and clueless we did a lot of things right: we knew each other well, we admired each other, we turned toward each other. We had a solid foundation and—despite the warnings that the first year is the hardest—our married life got off to a great start.

But there was one thing we were horrible at….

Head over to Let Why Lead to read the rest and join the conversation.

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Reminder! Tomorrow is your chance to share what’s on YOUR bookshelf. The link-up starts tomorrow morning and will be open for one week. Read the details here. I can’t wait to see what you share.

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  1. Thanks, Anne! It’s an honor to host your beautiful words today! What I appreciated the most was your acknowledgement that it hasn’t necessarily gotten easier. There are aspects of my marriage that I feel exactly this way about. Sure, my husband and I have grown slightly in those areas, but we’re still the same people—wired a certain way. But taking the pressure off does make a huge difference.

    Have a great day!

  2. Faigie says:

    You talk about conflict being the hardest thing about marriage..Of course…that’s everyones. The ones who know how to deal with conflict will always have the best marriages. But it sure takes alot of blood, sweat and tears

  3. Ana says:

    Great essay and great series, thanks for alerting us to it. Agree so much that marriage is so hard to talk about, it can feel lonely imagining you’re the only couple having these struggles, because everyone puts on a happy face. I also love that you admitted that the conflicts are still hard for you—I read a lot of “do this and you’ll suddenly be able to fight effectively”, and…nope. My essential personality (which is terrified of conflict and avoids it at all costs) is NOT going to suddenly change by using “I” statements and changing the time of day we choose to address our issues.

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