Is there someone in your life you have a hard time shopping for? We are here to help.

The holidays are just around the corner and we will be doing a special gift giving episode. If you'd like Anne to help you find that perfect gift for a friend, family member, coworker or child's teacher, use the recorder below to leave us a message. Tell us your relationship to the recipient, 3 books they love, one they don't, and what they are reading now (or as much of that info as you know). We will use these recordings and do a little literary matchmaking to help you find the perfect gift.

Some tips for a great message:
• Think through what you want to say before hitting record, but keep it conversational, there's no need to write out what you plan to say
• Consider your audio quality, if you have a mic of any kind including on your earbuds, that's going to sound better than shouting like you're on speaker phone
• Check for background noise, this includes your barking dog, workman jackhammering on the street (that really happened to me) and any jewelry that might clank on the mic
• Start by saying hi, telling us your name and where you're from


*portions of your message may be included in future episodes of the podcast