ENFJ: "The mentor." (Traits: charming, gracious, warm, creative)


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Jane Austen called Emma "a heroine whom no one but myself will much like." That may have been true had Emma remained as she was on page one: 21 years old, "handsome, clever, and rich," vain and snobbish. But, Austen's own opinion aside, she's not hopeless. Charismatic and confident, Emma is a natural leader. She loves being the center of attention, yet takes a genuine interest in others—and has a tendency to get a little to involved in their problems, especially when it comes to matchmaking. (No surprise: relationships are central to an ENFJs life.) In fact, she's so focused on her idealistic dreams for other people's matches that she fails to perceive what's actually happening, whether in her own relationships, or theirs. Emma's eyes are opened when that vanity becomes the source of her worse pain, plunging her into the familiar Austen journey of regret, remorse, and self-discovery. More info →
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