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7 Ways to get more out
of your reading life

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Is it better to attend class reunions or read about them?
On noticing patterns in my reading life and falling in love with fine arts thrillers
Interesting reads and favorite things to ease you into that weekend frame of mind

Meet Anne

Hi, I’m Anne. I’m a writer and podcaster who loves reading and talking with readers. Modern Mrs Darcy is my online home for sharing books (and whatever else I’m loving) with you. My goal here is help you get the most out of your reading life.

Get the most out of your reading life

Improve your reading life with this TBR trick for avoiding overwhelm.
The three pieces of information that help me recall why I added a book to my TBR.
The #1 piece of advice I give on how you can improve your reading life, based on thousands of conversations with readers over the years.
We all get stuck in a reading rut on occasion, here are six strategies for you to have ready and waiting the next time it happens to you.

Anne's Favorites

The things (other than books) Anne’s loving.

7 simple ways to read more this year.

These simple tips will help you find more time to read and help make this your best reading year yet.

Book Journaling

Literary tourism

What to read next

The most popular book lists to help you answer the question that plagues every reader–what should I read next?

Readers need to know

A few indie bookstores that are high on my Must Visit list, in honor of Independent Bookstore Day
Shop local is the rallying cry of independent retailers everywhere and buying from them is important, but it’s not the only way to support your favorite indie.
Whatever your reasons for avoiding Audible we’ve got 8 great alternatives for memberships, a la carte purchases, or even free audiobooks.
You don’t have to know the ins and outs of book awards, but it is fun to know what kinds of works get recognized, and why, and which lists to pay attention to if you like a certain style, genre, or section of the bookstore?