The new and improved MMD printable reading journal

The new and improved MMD printable reading journal

Update: this printable is no longer available. I designed a reading journal with my favorite tracking. It’s called My Reading Life: A Book Journal, out September 21, 2021.

“Books are portals to all kinds of memories—but only if I can remember that I read them.”

That line comes from the final essay in my book I’d Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life. As a rule, I’d rather be reading than recording what I’m reading—but I’ve come to believe a good reading record is an indispensable tool of a vibrant reading life. Readers, if you want to improve your reading life, you need to remember what you’ve read—and that means you need to track your books!

The MMD printable reading journal | Modern Mrs. Darcy

Many of you have your own systems to track your reading, and that is fantastic. If you’ve got a good thing going, I don’t want to mess with it. But many of you are still on the lookout for a method and that works for you, and that’s why I created this printable journal.

While Goodreads is nice, I have a soft spot in my heart for paper. I like to touch, browse, and jot notes in the margins. Besides, there’s nothing worse than intending to read, grabbing your phone or your laptop to log the book you’re about to start, and falling down the social media rabbit hole. 20 minutes later you forgot why you got online in the first place—and you forgot all about your book. (That can’t be just me.)

That’s why I love analog. There are great reading journals on the market (this is my favorite), but ready-made journals lack flexibility. Blank books are nice, but some of you need a template to get started. We released the first version of our printable journal way back in 2015, and have just given it a much-needed update.

Today I’m delighted to share the completely updated MMD printable reading journal.

reading journal 3

Here’s what you’ll find in the reading journal:

• printing instructions and welcome
• a “To Be Read” list
• a “books I abandoned” list
• a two-page book entry spreads, to record thoughts, quotes, and opinions at length about each title
• 3-per-page book entry pages, for when you want to remember you read a book but don’t want to journal about it
• 7 pages of book lists and reading inspiration
• a form for note-taking
• lots of bookish quotes for your enjoyment

The MMD printable reading journal | Modern Mrs. Darcy

This journal is designed to be flexible. Print all the pages, or just the ones that interest you. Print as many or as few of each layout as you desire. If you love to take notes print plenty of notes pages.

Here’s how to use it:

1. Check your inbox. The journal is free to all subscribers (blog or newsletter). All current subscribers should have a journal ready and waiting for them; the link was in last night’s newsletter.

2. Download the journal. (I recommend downloading it instead of printing from a preview pane.)

3. Print the journal (or selected pages, as you choose). The PDF is designed for single-sided printing. Print in color or black and white.

4. You can leave the journal full size (8.5 x 11), but I cut mine in half to create a 5.5 x 8.5 journal. (I love the deckle-edge effect I got from cutting the pages in half.)

5. To finish the reading journal, either:

• Hole punch it and place it in a 3-ring binder. I love the binder option because you can easily add and remove pages and dividers. (My Avery polka dot binder is from Target: this is the same binder in a pretty floral design. These are the dividers shown.)

• Have it spiral-bound at an office supply store. Kinko’s did mine for $3.99. (They also printed my cover page in full color; I used heavy cardstock for the front and back covers.) The spiral-bound version looks terrific and is more compact, but it’s not as flexible.

Thanks for subscribing, using, and sharing!

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  1. Angela says:

    Thank you SO much for taking the time to update the Modern Mrs. Darcy reading journal AND for sharing it with the world! I’m really looking forward to using it.

  2. Kialynne says:

    Love this! Trying to figure out how to cut the pages so it works in the binder (without punching holes in the text) and I noticed in the “To Be Read List” page, it says ‘exctited’ instead of ‘excited’.

  3. Tammy L Roscoe says:

    What type of hole punch would be best for the binder option? I don’t see a link for that or a suggestion by amazon on its site. Thank you!

  4. Alice Hattendorf says:

    I subscribe but misplaced the email with the journal download. Is it possible to resend the link, please?

    Thank you!

  5. frshldy says:

    Thank you, Anne! I need something to get me reading more. This may just do it for me. I look forward to setting up the journal and more reading in 2020 🙂

  6. Janet Miles says:

    I don’t remember getting the email about the new journal either. I am already a subscriber, can you resend? I’ve been using the old version for a few years now and really like it. Thanks

  7. Noell Broussard says:

    I seem to be among those that subscribe but did not get the October 27th email. I have checked my deleted, spam, promotions folder and inbox. Is it possible to get it again? Thank you!

  8. Lisa says:

    Hello Anne,
    I’m just curious…when you use the page numbered system with an index, and keep certain lists that you can refer to over and over…what happens when you use all of the space in the notebook and/or journal for the other things you are recording? When you start your new journal, do you just copy those lists over again that you would want to continue to refer to?
    Thanks! Lisa

  9. Jeanette says:

    Got your latest email with this reading journal and can’t wait to print it and put it in my happy planner and finally keep a good reading log. Tried so many times to create my own reading log pages and even started reading journals. But it’s hard to keep up with it when I have to draw and write everything myself, so this will make it much easier 🙂

  10. Diana says:

    Checked and rechecked my mail and spam folders. I don’t have an email from MMD on Dec. 27 and therefore didn’t receive the updated journal??? How/where can I receive it? I’ve been using your journal for several years now. Thanks SO much.

  11. Lora says:

    Let me join those who commented they can’t locate the email or link to the free journal download. I’ve checked each of the emails I have received as well as my spam folder. Hope to receive it soon!

  12. Betsy Fuzy says:

    I love this tip on how to formulate a TBR list in journal just for that purpose! I have had plans several months now to get organized & keep putting it off. Hopefully I’ll get motivated now using your method!
    I am unable to find the link to your reading journal. I am subscriber. Could you please resend it,
    Thank you!

  13. Tracey Stag says:

    I, too, am unable to locate the the journal pages – I would love to use them! Can you please resend the link? 🤞🏻

    • Anne says:

      We’re including another link to it in tonight’s newsletter. We do this periodically because we know that things sometimes disappear in inboxes. 🙂

  14. Meg says:

    Is your new downloadable journal coming out soon? The first time I read your post I kept seeing spots where it said I could download it, but after that I couldn’t see that anywhere.

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