My 5 big picture goals for 2014

My 5 big picture goals for 2014 | Modern Mrs Darcy

My 5 big picture goals for 2014 | Modern Mrs Darcy

I’m doing two things differently for my 2014 goals.

I used PowerSheets to work through my 5 big picture goals for the year. In the past, I’ve focused on making specific, measurable goals but didn’t articulate the view from 30,000 feet (as GTD-ers would say).

As I made these big picture goals–and especially as I go on to make them more granular and actionable–I’m taking a cue from my Jawbone Up and focusing on the process, not the outcome.

With that being said, my 5 big things for 2014 are: 

1. To articulate a clear vision for life and work, which will involve some serious exploration of my One Word for 2014.

2. To cultivate a thriving marriage. I feel like we’re in good shape, but it’s entirely possible (ahem) that we’ve been coasting a bit lately.

3. To practice really good self-care. Yes, I feel silly making this a goal for the year, but the older I get the more I realize how completely foundational things like rest, movement, and food and drink are to every single thing I do.

4. To improve my writing skills, online and offline.

5. To cultivate a warm, happy home life, including our homeschool.

On Thursday, I’ll share the specific (but incomplete) goals I’ve made to help me work towards my 5 big picture goals.

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  1. Jenn says:

    I’m still working my goals out too. This year I have several things I want to improve. So, I am calculating it out to weekly goals that are a bit more measurable. Mine are on paper not power point, however!

  2. Leigh Kramer says:

    Self-care is HUGE! Glad you’re making it a priority. If we’re not taking care of ourselves, we can’t be expected to take care of anything/anyone else. At least, we can’t be expected to do it well.

  3. Carly says:

    I want to hone my writing skills too, both on the blog and works towards writing that book I’ve always talked about but never seem to get around to. Have you read “The War of Art”? It really kicks you in the butt as far as motivating you to do the one creative thing you’ve always avoided.

  4. Faigie says:

    You said the magic words “the process not the outcome”….isnt that what good art should be for kids? (sorry my mind works in certain directions you know)

  5. MJ says:

    Self-care was my one word for 2014. It’s something I’m really terrible at, but I’m finally coming to realize that if I don’t take the time, energy and resources to take care of my needs, I won’t have the time, energy or resources to take care of anyone else.

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