Position Overview

I’m looking for a creative, detail-oriented book-lover who can keep my online (and sometimes offline) content looking good.  

The best candidate for this position will be someone who is already involved in our community in some way, that is, already an MMD reader or WSIRN listener. I’m looking for someone who “gets” what we do, and would enjoy bringing the vision of MMD and WSIRN to life.

This is work, yeah, but it’s also a lot of fun. (Because books! And because our team is a JOY.) I’m looking for someone who does great work and enjoys the process.

When I started MMD, I did everything myself, including photography and minor graphic design. I’ve learned that everyone is happier when I don’t do it all myself. We’ve come a long way since those early days and our readers have come to expect an easy to use, lovely to view, and overall delightful experience. 

You don’t need to be an internet marketer or content publisher, but you will need to have a good understanding of how online publishing—and, to a lesser extent, online marketing—works, including lead magnets, landing/sales pages, email marketing processes, webinars, social media marketing, etc. 

We have a fairly well-developed brand look and feel. Your job is to creatively express our bookish enthusiasm while keeping the MMD brand consistent, reliable, and fun for every item we share.

This position has high expectations. We are relentlessly devoted to helping readers get more out of their (reading) lives, and you will play a crucial role in that. We take this seriously. 

Job description

Position: Visual Designer

Hours: I estimate 5 hours per week on a consistent basis, but this is hugely dependent on who we hire. Depending on your additional skills (see skills list below) it could be as many as 20 hours per week, if you like the sound of that.

Schedule: Your work will be important, but rarely urgent, so you can choose your work times. (Lead times on tasks are typically 3+ days, though we do create several products each year that are more intensive and require tighter response times.) Clear communication on workload, deadlines, and response times are more important than when you work.

Location: I’m in Louisville, Kentucky. This position can be fully remote; however that means clear, concise, and proactive communication is a must. We collaborate using a suite of online tools that allow non-real time sharing but we will occasionally do live design reviews, as well as individual and team meetings. I would love to do those in person so I’m crossing my fingers that the perfect candidate is reading this right now in the Louisville area. 

We’re looking for someone who is:

  • A bibliophile
  • Organized, good with systems, and great at getting things done
  • A self-starter who works well independently
  • Able to manage self-manage to ensure delivery of ongoing repetitive tasks and longer-term projects
  • An excellent communicator
  • Curious and asks good questions
  • Willing to iterate and not get too invested in any one idea, and who enjoys bouncing ideas around a team of fellow bibliophiles
  • Open to and able to incorporate team feedback
  • Proficient in the tools that help you do your work—whether that’s Photoshop, InDesign, WordPress, Google Drive, Google Slides/Keynote, or other favorite tools

Bonus points if you are:

  • Able to write marketing copy that performs
  • Experienced at running any sort of advertising campaigns (ppc, social, email)
  • A photographer
  • Comfortable editing video
  • Local to Louisville, Kentucky


  • Creation of web graphics to accompany content on our site or social media sites, such as post featured images and pinnable graphics
  • Occasional refreshes of brand assets such as logos, headers, stickers/labels, etc
  • Edit existing photos 
  • View the upcoming project calendar and proactively suggest visual elements to accompany those projects
  • Develop slide decks for online and IRL presentations
  • Create occasional printable items that may be downloaded and printed at home or ordered and fulfilled by an online printing company (such as the annual reading challenge, bookmarks, etc)
  • Work with web designer to ensure quality online experience including visual appeal as well as more technical items like site speed
  • Create the Summer Reading Guide
  • Double check everything—for brand consistency, logical flow, intended aims, and simple typos

Hiring Process

If you’d like to be considered for this role, please fill out the form below.

We will then assign select candidates a sample project. This is a small portion of an actual project we need done. If you are hired it will be the first thing you finish. The sample is about 5 hours of work and each candidate chosen will be paid a flat rate of $120.