Position Overview

Our team is growing! We’re looking for a detail-oriented book-lover who can help us share our podcasts with readers everywhere.

The best candidate for this position will likely be someone already involved in our community, that is, a current MMD reader or WSIRN listener. We’re looking for someone who “gets” what we do, and would enjoy bringing WSIRN to life each week. (HOWEVER. Our beloved producer, Brenna, was not a listener when she applied—and I’m so grateful a fellow reader connected us!)

When I started MMD in 2011 I did everything myself—but we outgrew that way of operating a long time ago. Over time we’ve added more elements to our audio and video strategy, and have been shuffling this work around our team members so Brenna can focus on creating great audio and video. We’ve come to the point where we’d like to bring on a team member who can fully devote themselves to the podcast, taking on the numerous weekly tasks that creating one finished hour of audio demands. 

You don’t need to have any experience working on podcasts. You do need to be a book lover and savvy internet user with great writing skills. 

We have a well-developed process for putting out our weekly episodes. We like to make fun stuff and experiment, which means additional one-off projects will come up pretty regularly. 

This is work, yeah, but it’s also a lot of fun. (Because books! And because our team is a JOY to work with.) I’m looking for someone who does great work and enjoys the process.

We have an amazing team and highly value our members’ varied backgrounds, skill sets, and reading tastes. We span five timezones, four decades, and our combined reading preferences occupy just about every section of a bookstore. We highly value the diverse experiences and backgrounds each new team member brings, and we’re so excited to find the right person and bring you onboard!

This position has high expectations. We are the top-ranked independent books and reading podcast and have published nearly 300 episodes. We are relentlessly devoted to helping readers get more out of their (reading) lives and our audience expects and deserves our best. We love doing what we do. We find a lot of joy in it. And we take our jobs seriously.

Job description

Position: Media Production Assistant

Hours: Approximately 15 hours per week, but this is hugely dependent on who we hire. Depending on your additional skills (see skills list below) it could be more, if you like the sound of that. (We like the sound of that.)

Start date: Immediately.

Pay: This is a 1099 contract role. Starting pay is $25 per hour.

Schedule: Your work is important and time-sensitive, but rarely urgent—which means you can choose your work times. Our team is currently spread across five time zones. Clear communication on workload, deadlines, and response times are essential, and more important than when you work. That said, we have regular weekly check- ins. We can schedule those based on your schedule, but we would prefer to see you at our team meetings on Wednesdays at 1:30 pm Eastern time.

Location: This position is fully remote; which means clear, concise, and proactive communication is a must. We collaborate using a suite of online tools that allow non-real-time sharing. We also have individual and team video meetings. 

We’re looking for someone who is:

  • A bookworm. If you don’t enjoy reading (and talking about reading), this position is unlikely to be a good fit, nor are you likely to be able to spot at a glance if we, say, misspelled a popular author’s name in our show notes.
  • Organized, good with systems, and great at getting things done.
  • A self-starter who works well independently.
  • Able to self-manage to ensure delivery of weekly tasks and longer-term projects.
  • An excellent communicator.
  • Curious and asks good questions.
  • Willing to iterate and not get too invested in any one idea, and enjoys bouncing ideas around a team.
  • Open to and able to incorporate team feedback.
  • Has an ear for podcasts. Knows how interview shows, and especially audio-only content, feels to a listener. 
  • Proficient in the tools that help you do your work. Our team regularly uses collaborative tools like Google Drive, Asana, Slack, and Canva.

Bonus points if you are:

  • Able to write marketing copy that performs.
  • Have experience with visual/graphic design (Canva, Photoshop, etc).
  • Experienced with audio or video editing tools.


  • Lots of writing. This job requires writing descriptively to share what each episode is about, informatively to explain specific details, some sales copy, and writing ads for the show.
  • Listen through every episode and provide feedback on edits as well as actually shaping some audio content/style.
  • Assist with recurring virtual live events and—fingers crossed—future in-person live events.
  • Provide community engagement and customer service for our Patreon community.
  • Organize files and folders to keep everything orderly and all team members on the same page.
  • Double check everything—for brand consistency, logical flow, intended aims, and simple typos.

How to Apply

Are you a great fit for this position? Please fill out the form below to be considered for this position. In the past, we have hired people that feel like a great fit for our team and tailored the role to their skill set. We want to hear all about what you would bring to our team, but please keep in mind that to excel in this role you must be an experienced writer. Please do not contact us with questions; you will have an opportunity to ask anything and everything later in the consideration process.

Thank you for your interest in this position. We are no longer accepting applications.