Let your kids tackle some meaningful work.

Let your kids tackle some meaningful work.

Kids love to do real, meaningful work. The kind with actual value, risks, and consequences. Too often, they don’t get to — because as parents, we don’t let them.

Obviously not every kid is begging to make dinner, nor is every parent saying no. But both are happening, frequently, and it’s really too bad, because both kids and parents have so much to gain by letting the kids take control of a few “serious” tasks.

Giving up that control comes easier for some parents than others. 

For example, I’m an INFP (that’s a Myers-Briggs personality type, for those of you who aren’t total personality geeks like me). That causes me plenty of problems (I tend to be permissive, I’m terrible at creating routines for my kids, etc.) but it also means it’s easy for me to let my kids take the reins….

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  1. I love these ideas, especially party planning! My daughter is going to turn one this summer, and I’m dreading planning the party, even though it will only be for family this year. Maybe in five or six years I can turn parts of party planning over to the birthday girl. 🙂 Giving your kids responsibility for tasks you aren’t particularly fond of is a huge win-win!

  2. Ana says:

    These are great ideas! I love (and would never have considered) the party planning one. I guess I should take all the things I dislike and farm them out to my kids? (kidding, but only sort of…if they happen to be strong in the areas I am weak, its a win-win). Even for my much younger kids, giving them little tasks really makes them feel proud & useful. My 5 year old’s current favorite job is gathering all the dirty towels to throw in the washer and hanging up the new ones. One thing off my plate on a chore-filled sunday!

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