How She Does It: an everywoman’s guide to getting creative, breaking old rules, and making time for work in your actual, everyday life.

How She Does It: an everywoman’s guide to getting creative, breaking old rules, and making time for work in your actual, everyday life.

How She Does It: an everywoman's guide to breaking old rules, getting creative, and making time for work in your actual, everyday life.

Big news!

My newly revamped ebook is HERE!

The short version: I wrote a book about work/life balance which got amazing reviews, but which suffered from a ho-hum title and a cover that didn’t capture the message.

We’re changing that.

This topic isn’t going away–and my email inbox continues to balloon with questions about how women work. The information in this book has been so valuable to me and so critical to my own journey, and I want to get it into the hands of every woman who wants to do meaningful work AND be there for her family.

Today, more than ever before, women are in a position to do fulfilling and profitable work without the mother guilt of previous generations. A shifting work culture, advancements in mobile technology, and the rise of small business opportunities all contribute to the growing field of prospects for women in the work place.

But if women don’t know what opportunities are available, it doesn’t do them any good.

How She Does It unpacks these trends in family & work culture, and gets to the core of HOW you can make your work goals fit into your unique family situation.

This book contains the information I wish I’d had before I dropped out of the workforce after I became a mom. (I’m so grateful I had a second chance. Not everybody does.)

How She Does It: an everywoman's guide to breaking old rules, getting creative, and making time for work in your actual, everyday life.

In this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Explore options for the shape of your work life, and plan ahead even before there’s a husband or kids in the picture.
  • Abandon old limitations on home life demands leftover from previous generations.
  • Embrace this changing landscape where it’s easier than ever to find time to work and be there for your family.
  • Squeeze in more work hours without increasing childcare.
  • Overcome common barriers like a tentative husband or a seemingly inflexible boss.
  • Set priorities for your personal, budgetary, and family goals.
  • Create a plan for your unique family situation.
  • Adapt your work and family rhythms to the changing seasons of life.

The regular price is $4.99, but to celebrate the launch, How She Does It is FREE today and tomorrow.

Get your FREE copy here.

Please note: if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read the book! Just download the free Kindle reading app, which is available for any device. Get the app here.

Thanks for letting me share my big news with you.

(I’d love your help in getting the word out: feel free to share!)

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  1. Meg says:

    That only took a few clicks to deliver to my kindle–now I will have something to read tonight while my daughter is in her gymnastics class!

  2. Dessy says:

    It’s free? You. Are. AWESOME! I would have paid for it as I believe it’s EXACTLY what I need right now! Thank you so much!!!!

  3. Tuija says:

    Grabbed my tablet with the Kindle reading app immediately to get my copy…
    Thank you, thank you SO much for offering the book free – and congratulations on the launch!

  4. Victoria says:

    I’m in this EXACT position with a 3 month old daughter and decisions about my career future to be made. Grabbed a copy of the book, thanks so much! Can’t wait to dig in.

  5. Anita says:

    Thank you! I’m fairly new to your blog, and I’ve enjoyed following along. I am looking forward to reading this ebook.

  6. Molly says:

    Just got my free copy of you book. As a single teacher, I always marveled at how my married colleagues did it all. Hopefully I will soon be employed again, now with a husband and two step-sons. I am making time to read your book this summer (if not sooner).

  7. Dawn says:

    This looks great! But is telling me I need to get it from the site, but it’s not listed there. Do you know if it will be? I’m disappointed to not be able to get a copy while it’s free 🙁

  8. Amy says:

    I downloaded it this morning, and am so excited to read it. But it will have to wait a few more days – I’m committed to not starting anything else until I finish Mansfield Park.

      • Amy says:

        Haha! Well, yes, but that commitment has more to do with my own nature. As much as I love Jane Austen, reading her books takes so much more work than reading most of the other things in my stack, that if I start reading anything else, I know she’ll get pushed to the bottom, and I really, really want to finish Mansfield Park this week. 🙂

  9. Ash says:

    Hi I have tried to get this book, I have the kindle app and a amazon account however it’s telling me I can’t get it. I am from Australia is it only available in the states?

  10. Cara says:

    We are so fortunate to live in an era where we can live out our calling as mothers while exercising our talents & creative pursuits in the marketplace. I work for a ministry serving women in the marketplace & can’t wait to read & share with them!

  11. Monet says:

    I’m no longer a “Working” mom per se as more of a Consultant and a Home schooler. I believe any woman would find this to be most helpful. Life throws you curveballs and you never know what the future hols. Whether Working or not we are all in this thing called WOMANHOOD together! Thanks you so much, Anne, for offering if for free. That was quite generous.

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