How I Did With My 2012 Goals

At the beginning of the year, I shared my goals for 2012. One year later, here’s how I did.

Despite my (rather large, I think) number of items that didn’t get crossed off this year, I’m pretty happy with how the year went. The goals I didn’t complete were largely because life happened. Medical bills and an expensive trip to a dear friend’s wedding got in the way of the first goal.

Some unexpected health issues got in the way of my fitness goals (and ironically, my crafty goals, too, because I had a suspected pinched nerve that made fine motor work painful instead of fun). A crazy-busy autumn disrupted our camping trip plans.

I could have done better about my camera, for sure. Expect to see that on my list of 2013 goals. And as I’ve been working on those this week, I’ve been planning and scheming and dreaming, while trying to remember that sometimes life happens and gets in the way of the goals I set in January–and that’s okay.


Save a pile of cash. {We made it halfway to the big fat goal we set for 2012. We’ll be rolling this goal into 2013.}

Health and Fitness:

Do one pull-up. {Like I hinted at here, I had some weird health issues crop up that destroyed my fitness goals. Here’s to meeting them in 2013!}

8:30 2k row. {Ditto the above.}


Start a new blog. You can visit Anne With An E here

Write an e-book. You can get your copy of Work Shift: How to Create a Better Blend of Work, Life, and Family here. 

 Read 3 books about the craft of writing. I read a ton! Favorites were On Writing, The War of Art, Do the Work, and The Memoir Project. I also read You Are a Writer, The Writing Life, and Writing Down the Bones.


Redo our living room. {It’s not completely, 100% done, but I’m going to count it.}

Complete the switch to green cleaning products. {Read about my simple fixes here.}


Read Harry Potter, Madeline L’Engle, and Annie Dillard. {Except for The Irrational Season, which I abandoned.}

Log the books I read. {I’m using Goodreads to track my books. I’m also pinning them on Pinterest.}


Get together with friends once a month, just for fun. {I did well on this till December, because December was crazy.}

Send Christmas cards. {You can see pics from our family photo shoot here, and the finished cards here.}


Be more on top of things. {I stuck to the goals I outlined for time and life management here.}

Learn to use my camera. {I made progress on this one, but not enough to count it. I still haven’t read my whole user’s manual!}

Go on a family camping trip. {Nope, and the kids have already put it on the list for 2013.}


Learn to knit. {Kinda. I did learn how to knit, but I didn’t knit the mittens, baby booties, or hat that I said I wanted to}.

Have fun sewing. {I made a dress-up cape, but I didn’t make the picnic blanket or curtains that I said I wanted to.)

Give handmade gifts. I gave quite a few in 2012.

Tomorrow I’ll share my goals for 2013.

How did you do on your goals for 2012?

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I think you did a fab job in 2012 🙂 I plan on using Goodreads to track my books this year. I had a few on there before but I’ve deleted everything so that I can start with a clean slate for 2013. Good luck on your future goals and have a fabulous 2013!

  2. I didn’t set formal goals for 2012, but looking back has me feeling pretty good about how it went. It was a year of changes — our middle son started college, my last year of heavy homeschooling, a big celebration for my parents’ fiftieth anniversary, travel, and growth of my blog. I am still sorting out what life post-heavy-duty-hands-on-parenting is going to be like for me, but it is lovely to be finding my way.

  3. Well done. Love that you met so many of your goals and are okay with the ones that get waylaid by life. This might sound weird, but I save my calendars from year to year, so I can page through them and remember what I did with my time. It always makes me feel better to remember what I did. Happy New Year, Anne.

  4. Tim says:

    You have my admiration, Anne, for setting these types of goals and following through on them even if you do not meet all the deadlines you set for yourself. Nothing wrong with rolling a goal to a new target date when situations change.

    For me, it’s hard for me to set goals based on what year I am in and hoping to achieve them by a certain time, perhaps because I can get really disappointed if I don’t meet my goals. So I instead see myself as a work in progress from day to day rather than year to year. For example, my goal yesterday morning was to run 7-8 miles, which would have been my longest since taking running back up last spring. I did just over 8, so my goal was met. But I don’t think I could set – let alone follow through on – a goal like wanting to run 15 miles by the end of this year or something. Just not my style.


    P.S. Today I blogged on that 100 year old cake recipe that I was telling you about. Yum!

    • Anne says:

      Tim, I think it’s great that you’ve figured out what works for you. (Plus I’m impressed at the 8 miles. I used to do that, long ago….)

      • Tim says:

        I don’t know, Anne. Maybe if I set annual goals I’d achieve more stuff. Then again, at my age accomplishing more doesn’t hold much attraction for some reason.

        And that 8 miles, I won’t be repeating that any time soon. It’s back to 6 mile long runs for me for a while!

  5. sarah says:

    Great job on your goal-keeping. I’m a january junkie and just LOVE list making and planning.

    I posted about this yesterday, but I think I did pretty good if you look at my list of goals for this year. Two biggest goals I met: –I started practicing medicine again after a 2 year stint away from it (i’m an MD). Its been great to be back, and as i’m doing charity work in a Christian free clinic i find it very fufilling despite the fact i often feel like macgyver as my resources are so limited. –I also lost a total of 50 pounds now, over the last year +. So very thrilled about that, and I’m almost out of the obese BMI range. working hard. Also met a pile of house and project goals after moving into our long-term house. It was a great year, but I’m hoping 2013 will be even better.

  6. melyssa says:

    Goodreads is great fun – I’m on there all the time. Sent you a friend request. 🙂

    I never set NY goals or resolutions, so I guess I didn’t break them or fulfill them. But I did find the guts to allow myself to quit homeschooling and put my kids in charter school. So, the very end of 2012 was monumental for us, and 2013 is going to be so blessedly, crazily, differently WEIRD!

    • Anne says:

      Melyssa, I hope that turns out to be a wonderful move for your family. Here’s to a crazy, weird and different 2013!

  7. I’m impressed with your goals and how much progress you made. I made a ton of goals and didn’t follow through with very many. I exceeded my reading goals though by a long shot, many thanks to you for such great book suggestions!

    Looking forward to seeing your goals for 2013.

  8. I had a resolution to adopt one new healthy habit a month. In January I was going to start lifting weights regularly. In February I was going to start eating more fruits and vegetables, etc. We never really got to the etc. And I stopped lifting weights. But I think I’m eating more fruits and vegetables, so that’s something! Actually, I decided to enjoy myself more in 2012, and I took a number of great vacations, something I plan to repeat in 2013.

    • Anne says:

      “I decided to enjoy myself more in 2012.” Oh, I like this. (Travel plans are on my mind for 2013 and the next 5 years, too.)

  9. Tracy says:

    In the past I have written awesome, detailed goals for various aspects of my life–and then not met them. This year I am focusing on changing my diet dramatically and focusing on health rather than weight. I have teenage daughters and I really try not to make a big deal about trying to fit the popular ideas about size and beauty.

    My second goal is relational (and private). Everything else will be projects on a list because making something a goal has become sort of guilt-laden to me. I am planning on tracking my reading this year, too. My GoodReads account makes it look like I never read anything, so I think I will list them there.

    • Anne says:

      Tracy, I so admire your attitude towards health and beauty. I’m extremely aware of the impression I’m making on my own young daughters, and I hope I’m doing right by them.

  10. Kimberly says:

    Way to reach some of your goals and to make more than one! Shoo I may be re-crafting mine tonight. Way to inspire!

    My goals vary too. I wanted to save some money which I did, but I got credit card happy during the summer…no bueno! So I’m carrying that goal over to 2013 with some no spend months starting January. Must rely on God not clothing or material things. Getting healthier..check..and still working on! Stepping out of my comfort zone with people..hello Influence Conference 🙂

  11. Kristin says:

    I made a few goals for 2012 and followed through on some. Some I partly accomplished and some I gave up altogether. Still, I’m happy with what I did because I adjusted and added new goals mid year. In October, I started running with the idea of running a 5K. I’m still plugging away at it and have found a race to run in April. 🙂 Here is the link to the post I wrote yesterday about my goals:

    • Anne says:

      Kristin, that’s so smart to adjust and add new goals. We should all probably plan on doing a mid-year tweak.

      P.S. Love your goals in your post!

  12. Linda says:

    I posted my progress report too and have 2013 goals scheduled for tomorrow. I love this time of year when everyone is on similar posting schedules and sharing their goals.

    Have you read Bird by Bird? That’s one of my favorite books on writing along with Stephen King’s On Writing.

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